Se busca biólogo para trabajar como guía de safaris en Yellowstone (USA) ~

15 de marzo de 2020

Se busca biólogo para trabajar como guía de safaris en Yellowstone (USA)


(Yellowstone Safari Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer)

Application Period and Procedure –

March 2 to March 30, 2020 or until filled. Send cover letter, resume and references to:

This is a seasonal position for the spring and summer of 2020.

Qualifications -
Interest in people, desire to share with others and sensitivity to client/guest needs;
Advanced degree in wildlife biology, ecology, environmental education, or equivalent degree or experience;
Excellent driving record, training in Standard First Aid and Community CPR;
Experience interpreting the natural world and leading groups in the outdoors.

Skills -
Interpersonal and social communication
Leadership, teaching, and an ability to convey enthusiasm and educational concepts through examples and stories.
Spotting, observing, and facilitating observation of wildlife by client/guests.
Ability to independently manage work time and support Company goals and objectives.
Camping and backpacking skills and knowledge may be applicable.
“Reading” tracks, “sign,” and interpreting natural artifacts.

Special Knowledge -

Bird, mammal, and common wildflower identification; animal behavior interpretation; dominant plant/animal communities of the Northern Rockies and plains; Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Lewis and Clark and fur trade cultural history; National and regional environmental issues; general ecology of regional ecosystems and organisms. Intimate knowledge of touring Yellowstone is essential.

Typical Job Responsibilities -

Independently prepare for, determine an itinerary for, and guide natural history tours in and around Yellowstone National Park:

review client/guest file; prepare personal and group gear and foods; prepare vehicle, optics, first aid, and other gear; determine group options in relation to guest pickup site; meet guests on time, perform introductions, evaluate and present plans and options, review safety considerations, perform administrative duties (“risk” forms and field notes); facilitate a fun outdoor experience with a focus on wildlife and other regional resources. Guided outdoor experiences may vary, but the most common focus is Yellowstone and its’ resident wildlife, ecology, issues, geologic and cultural history. Responsibilities may involve sleeping away from home.

Activities include: hiking, wildlife observation, camping and backpacking. Most common activities are short hikes and auto touring. Backpacking and river floating may be requested if the guide has appropriate skills.

Position may be based in Bozeman, Gardiner, or points around Yellowstone National Park. Days can be long, 10 to 14 hours. For this reason, 4 days work per week is a YSC objective, but longer sequences may occur. This is a seasonal spring- summer position (Mid-May through early September).

Pay Rate –

Starting wage is $170 per day for new employees with experience. This may run for a probationary period. Depending upon tasks and experience, wage may vary considerably. YSC has pay goal of approximately $16 per hour, though position is salary based. Gratuities may be substantial.


Yellowstone Safari Company (YSC), a Montana business,

provides guided wildlife, natural and cultural history field tours,

in the form of half, single, and multi-day educational excursions.


To influence the management of public lands and the nature based tourism industry towards sustainability.

The promotion of wildlife and habitat conservation through instructional education, and demonstration of social and economic values.
Demonstration of profitable and sustainable alternative wildlife-related services.
Public education of scientific and ecological principles and how they relate to natural resource management issues. Emphasis is placed on the issue perspectives of various value systems and parties concerned (i.e. the public, resource managers, research scientists, commercial users, and agriculturists).

Build a year-round service providing educational wildlife and natural history experiences. The foundation of this service is environmental respect, recreation, and learning opportunities through shared communication.
Provide enhanced opportunities for all people to experience fish, wildlife, and plant communities in an entertaining and recreational format.
Promote public awareness, appreciation and ultimate support for the conservation of healthy ecosystems.
Provide an historic perspective of the dynamic relationship between man and nature.
Demonstrate and promote appropriate and ethical behavior in wildland recreation.
Encourage active outdoor recreation as a way to promote good physical and mental health.
Demonstrate and teach outdoor and wildlife appreciation skills, which are applicable to other ecosystems.

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