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31 de julio de 2020

17 contratos doctorales en inmunología en Alemania con una pinta muy buena

The newly established Research Training Group GRK2599 funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) announces the opening of:

17 Doctoral Positions
(Starting 01. January 2021, 3 years)

The goal of the proposed Research Training Group GRK2599 is to establish an in-ternationally competitive research and training program to promote young scientists and medical students in the field of immunology. The research field focuses on de-fined molecular regulators in different cells of the immune system, including DCs and macrophages and subpopulations found within the group of T cells and B cells and their roles in inflammation, autoimmunity, infection and cancer.
To identify and explore new fine-tuners of adaptive immune responses and immune memory. The doctoral candidates will apply genome-wide transcriptome analysis, modern imaging techniques, transgenic mouse technologies and CRISPR-mediated genome editing.
Core elements of the training program are a bi-weekly RTG Paul-Ehrlich-Club, re-search-specific as well as interdisciplinary hard skill and soft skill workshops, inter-nal RTG research retreats and RTG network meetings, the RTG guest speaker se-ries, the RTG’s public relation program as well as a trainee program financed by the RTG in research labs outside of Germany.
We are looking for natural science doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad with a very good master’s degree in biology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacy, human biology, chemistry, or related subjects. 
Detailed information about the research and training programs, as well as the appli-cation process, can be found on our homepage at http://www.lymphozyten.de.

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