Coordinador de voluntarios y responsable de cuidado animal en un centro de recuperación de fauna de Costa Rica ~

8 de julio de 2020

Coordinador de voluntarios y responsable de cuidado animal en un centro de recuperación de fauna de Costa Rica

Wild Sun Rescue Center is a non-profit organization located in Cabuya, Costa Rica. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of local wildlife, and are involved in the reintroduction of locally extinct species (e.g. scarlet macaw and Geoffroy’s spider monkey) and other conservation projects, including howler monkey post-release monitoring.

Wild Sun is recruiting an internship coordinator/animal care manager to 1) develop and supervise research projects and educational activities benefiting the conservation impact of the rescue center conducted by 12-week internship students, and 2) co-manage our wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Development and implementation of the intern wildlife biology research and conservation education programme
Recruitment, supervision and training of interns, with the aim of having 4-6 interns on site at all times
Preparation of project proposals and reports, supervision of data collection and analysis and publication of results in scientific journals
Volunteer orientation, training and supervision in animal intensive care and pre-release
Monitoring general enquiries from public and the emergency phone line
Animal rescues & releases
Animal intake, triage & handling
On call and animal care shifts
General site management
Education and outreach (including fundraising & social media)


Candidates should have a strong interest in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, and experience in independent research and scientific writing. A post-graduate degree in wildlife biology/zoology/ecology/conservation is highly preferred, and qualifications/experience in carrying out/publishing research, animal rehabilitation/husbandry/captive management is desired. Candidates should also have an advanced level of English, and a willingness to learn Spanish.

We are looking for someone with excellent written/oral communication skills and the ability to train and manage interns and volunteers. Candidates must be positive, flexible, mature, willing to work as a team and motivate others.

Room/board (3 daily meals, 6 days a week + breakfast on Saturdays)
$325 monthly base payment plus $75 per intern (with the aim of having 4-6 interns at all times)
1 week of vacation coinciding with every border run (every 90 days) plus 2 weeks off at end of year.

Please send your CV and cover letter to Jeremy Levine:

For more information please visit our webpage:

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