Proyecto de fin de grado o máster en Chequia, estudiando comportamiento en aves ~

31 de agosto de 2020

Proyecto de fin de grado o máster en Chequia, estudiando comportamiento en aves

Do you like birds? Are you interested in the field of behavioural ecology and bioacoustics? We are looking for a highly motivated student to join our research group at the Department of Ecology of Charles University in Prague.

What do we offer? A degree final project on geographic song variation of the spectacled warbler (Sylvia conspicillata). This species presents different migratory strategies (sedentary in islands VS migrant in the mainland). We have acoustic data from islands of three different archipelagos (Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde) as well as from continental areas (the Iberian Peninsula). The selected candidate will assess the song differentiation among populations within archipelagos and among archipelagos, and also among islands and the mainland. In order to achieve this, the student will be trained in the use of specialized software for bioacoustics studies such as the widely used Avisoft and Raven and the up-and-coming Luscinia. Besides that, the student might have the chance to get some fieldwork experience by giving a hand in other projects of this group conducted in different field sites around the Czech Republic.

This is a perfect opportunity for international students that want to carry out their degree final project abroad (Bachelor's / Master's thesis). For students from European universities, they can get money to cover/reduce monthly living costs by applying for Erasmus funding (e.g. Erasmus + traineeship grant).

Please contact the head of the lab (Tereza Petrusková) if you wish to apply or want to find out more about it:

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