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7 de septiembre de 2020

Oferta para hacer un doctorado en ecología en Asturias, con colaboraciones en Suecia

We are looking for a motivated candidate to apply for a PhD scholarship from the regional call “Severo Ochoa” in Asturias to join our recently funded project “Effects of community assembly processes for trophic network structures in the high arctic: Implications for understanding the ecological consequences of climate change”. The student would be registered at University of Oviedo, Asturias, and based at the Mixed Research Unit for Biodiversity (UMIB, https://www.unioviedo.es/UMIB/). The project will use existing data on vascular plants, arthropods and vertebrates from high arctic Greenland to evaluate the consequences of local and regional community assembly processes on the structure of trophic interactions, and interpret the results from a climate change perspective. The work will be primarily laboratory and data driven, but with opportunities for some additional field work during the PhD period. The project is a collaboration between scientists in CSIC, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Stockholm University. The project is an international collaboration and good communication skills in English will be required. Good GIS and R skills will be a benefit. We are looking for students with at least an 6.5 grade point average, or equivalent in terms of foreign candidates. Citizens from all EU countries are eligible for this funding, as well as citizens from non-EU countries as long as they hold a Spanish foreign identity number (NIE) at the time of application. All foreign applicants need to hold a degree that allow them access to PhD studies in their home country at the time of application.

Details of the Severo Ochoa call can be found here:


Please send a brief letter of interest an a CV as pdf files to Fredrik Dalerum fredrik.dalerum@csic.es, who can also be contacted for any questions, no later than 20 September.

Kind regards,

Fredrik Dalerum

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