Trabaja en un centro de rescate de mamíferos marinos ~

23 de septiembre de 2020

Trabaja en un centro de rescate de mamíferos marinos

Marine Animal Rescue is a small non-profit organization providing rescue response as far north as the Pacific Palisades, south to Long Beach, and as far west as Catalina Island. MAR conducts hundreds of marine mammal rescues annually. Rescued animals consist primarily of sea lions, seals, with occasional dolphins, sea turtles and seabirds. MAR also works as a member of the large whale disentanglement network.

We have an opening for a Marine Mammal Rescue Specialist, which requires significant field and wildlife capture experience. This is an extremely physical, inherently dangerous position with risk of injury. During the busy season, from January-June, the Rescue Specialist can work over 40hrs/week, as well as evenings, weekends and holidays.

Job duties:
Marine mammal rescue involving capture, handling, and transport
Assessing distressed marine mammals
Working independently and in small teams with assistance from lifeguards, firefighters, police, and volunteers
Utilizing hoop net and floating net capture systems
Capturing and carrying seals and sea lions weighing 20- 600 lbs
Working on jetties, cliffs, rocky shorelines, beaches, piers, and urban areas
Driving 4×4 truck on sand and steep terrain
Operating winches and air compressors
Trailering and small boat driving via tiller steer outboard engine
Maintaining and repairing vehicle, boat, and equipment

Minimum Experience:
Wildlife capture and handling experience
Knowledge and ability to identify marine wildlife
Able to learn numerous beach and shoreline access points
Physically fit and comfortable lifting at least 75 lbs
Strong swimmer
Experienced trailering and boat driving
Working well with others in challenging situations

Preferred Experience:

Pinniped capture experience and skill operating small boats is preferred. However, a strong field background with wildlife capture and handling experience may initially be sufficient, with the expectation that the employee will quickly become proficient in the other job duties.

Compensation is commensurate with experience and includes:
Non-exempt 40 hours/week base pay
On-call and overtime pay
Health insurance

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter, resume, and three references to MAR Founder & President, Peter Wallerstein at

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