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26 de noviembre de 2020

12 ofertas de doctorado en Alemania para estudiar adaptación a cambios ambientales

 The Research Training Group “Biological responses to novel and changing environments – RESPONSE” (RTG 2010), funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), invites applications for

12 doctoral researchers

(pay group TV-L E13, 65 %; including social benefits) for a three-year structured doctoral programme. The fixed start date of the programme and all respective doctoral positions is 1 April 2021. The RTG is based at the University of Greifswald, Germany (for details see: www.uni-greifswald.de/RESPONSE).

Research Programme
The ability to respond to novel and changing environmental conditions, either by phenotypic plasticity, genetic adaptation, or range shifts, is pivotal to the longer-term survival of all organisms. Owing to increasing concerns about the consequences of human-induced global change, such responses have attracted increasing interest in recent years. RESPONSE focuses on the plastic and genetic capacities for in situ responses (cluster A) and on the factors limiting or facilitating dispersal to new habitats (cluster B). The RTG aims at deepening our understanding of the limits to population persistence, enabling more accurate predictions regarding the fate of populations under changing conditions. Our research programme spans different levels of biological organisation, ranging from molecular and physiological mechanisms to ecological population-level responses, and a wide variety of organisms including lichens, myxomycetes, plants (trees), and animals (snails, crustaceans, insects, spide
 rs, bats). Please refer to https://biologie.uni-greifswald.de/forschung/dfg-graduiertenkollegs/research-training-group-2010/job-offers/research-projects/ for further information, especially on the available individual research projects and specific requirements.

Teaching Concept:
A teaching programme accompanies the interdisciplinary research strategy. It covers different scientific topics and techniques relevant to the RTG as well as soft skills relevant to career development, and includes summer schools, journal clubs, practical courses, lectures, as well as individualised education and mentoring programmes. Each doctoral project involves research stays at different laboratories, partly abroad. The participation in the teaching programme is mandatory.
Tasks will be transferred that are conducive to the preparation of a doctorate.

We invite applications from highly motivated candidates with above-average qualifications, a passion for and experience in research, and the willingness to make active contributions to the RTG. Successful applicants must (1) hold a M.Sc. degree (or equivalent) in Biology or another relevant discipline, (2) have a solid background in ecology and evolutionary biology, (3) experience with methods and/or organisms relevant to the RTG, (4) have an excellent command of English, which is the official language of the RTG, and (5) be motivated to join an interdisciplinary research training environment.

The University would like to increase the proportion of women in areas in which they are underrepresented and thus applications from women are particularly welcome and will be treated with priority if they have the same qualifications and as long as there are no clear reasons which make a fellow applicant more suitable.
Severely disabled applicants with the same qualifications will be considered with preference.
This announcement is directed at all persons, irrespective of gender.

In accordance with § 68(3) PersVG M-V, the Staff Council will only be involved in staff matters of the academic or artistic staff on request.

Please only submit copies of your application documents as they cannot be returned.
Unfortunately, the application costs (e.g. travel expenses for interviews) will not be reimbursed by the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Applications with the application form (download: https://biologie.uni-greifswald.de/forschung/dfg-graduiertenkollegs/research-training-group-2010/job-offers/forms/) and all usual documents (cover letter, CV, references, research experience, degree certificates, and a list of publications) are to be sent with reference to the job advertisement number 20/Wi38 by 8 January 2021, preferably via email (one PDF file – max. 5 MB), to:

Universität Greifswald
Zoologisches Institut und Museum
Koordination des Graduiertenkollegs 2010 RESPONSE
Dr. Susann Räth
Loitzer Str. 26
17489 Greifswald


Furthermore, two letters of recommendation (download: https://biologie.uni-greifswald.de/forschung/dfg-graduiertenkollegs/research-training-group-2010/job-offers/forms/) are required. The applicant must send the forms to referees. Referees submit their assessments directly to Dr. Susann Räth.

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