Contrato para hacer un doctorado muy interesante en Noruega estudiando la relación entre refugiados y el medio ambiente ~

27 de marzo de 2021

Contrato para hacer un doctorado muy interesante en Noruega estudiando la relación entre refugiados y el medio ambiente

 We are looking to hire a PhD candidate for our recently funded project by the Research Council of Norway,  “Prioritizing the Displacement-Environment Nexus: Refugee and IDP Settlements as Social- Ecological Systems”, for which I am the Principal Investigator. The candidate will be based out of the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) in Bergen, Norway and will be enrolled at the Dept. of Geography, University of Bergen and will be jointly supervised by myself and Prof. Peter Andersen. 

The candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with an inter-disciplinary research team consisting of Dr. Alark Saxena (co-PI) and Dr. Patrick Jantz at the University of Northern Arizona (NAU), USA and with project teams in India (fieldwork in Karnataka) and Kabul, Afghanistan (remotely). 

Briefly about the project : 
This project pilots a novel approach to understanding the relationship between displaced people and the environment: it conceptualises settlement areas as social-ecological systems. Using this framework, it assesses the interlinkages between livelihoods, landscape change and environmental health. The project responds to an important gap in the fields of humanitarian and refugee studies.Also, existing research falls largely within the social sciences, with little integration of natural science approaches. This gap is filled by coupling remote sensing-based assessments of landscape change with historical, ethnographic, and participatory approaches. Research will be sited in long-term IDP settlements in Kabul, Afghanistan, and 60- year-old Tibetan refugee settlements in Karnataka, India.

We are therefore looking for a candidate with experience in mixed methods as well as some knowledge of spatial methods. We are also interested in applicants seeking to make a transition to social sciences. CMI offers excellent working conditions including a competitive salary, insurance, and pension. The candidate is funded for four years. 

We would appreciate you circulating this call in your networks and help us find a suitable candidate. 

The deadline for application is 30th April 2021.

Thanks and warm regards,


Anwesha Dutta, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher
Chr. Michelsen Institute
Bergen, Norway
+47 90712994

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