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16 de marzo de 2021

¿Te fascinan los artrópodos y su exoesqueleto? Aquí hay tres oportunidades de postdoc para tí

Oferta compartida por Nuria

We are seeking three postdoctoral researchers for an interdisciplinary project examining the evolution of arthropod moulting, by integrating paleontological, morphological, molecular and genomic data. Two posts are available at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and one position at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, all for a maximum of 4 years. These positions are part of a Sinergia project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Post doc 1 will focus on data integration and building a database of moulting characteristics, which will form the basis of much of the research project. Working in the Evolutionary Bioinformatics lab (https://bioinfo.unil.ch/), this postdoc will supervise and be in charge of the scientific aspects of the database, working with a programmer who will be in charge of the software development aspects. They will work with other team members on subprojects examining phylogenomics and expression patterns of moulting genes and pathways, and moulting adaptations to terrestrialisation.

Post doc 2 will study moulting characteristics in a range of arthropods and examine comparative gene expression throughout the moulting process. This post-doc will work together with an animal maintenance technician to rear several species for analysis. This work will be based at the arthropod evo-devo lab in Jerusalem (https://www.bio.huji.ac.il/en/content/chipman-ariel), and will integrate with ongoing work on the evolution of arthropod body plans.

Post doc 3 will conduct research on the paleontology of terrestrialisation. At the ANOM Lab (https://wp.unil.ch/paleo), the postdoc will lead a subproject examining the evolution of moulting behaviours and life history strategies during terrestrialisation events, by building a database of fossil moults and working collaboratively on identifying phenotypic and genomic patterns in terrestrialised arthropod lineages.

Expected start date in position: 01.06.2021 or to be determined
Contract length: 1 year initially, renewable for additional 2 +1 years; maximum 4 years
Apply: https://jobrxiv.org/job/university-of-lausanne-27778-postdoctoral-research-positions-examining-arthropod-moulting/

You will join a four-lab network of researchers conducting an interdisciplinary study of arthropod moulting by combining multiple research disciplines. As a result, the postdocs will belong to an international collaboration, and travel to member labs to learn new research techniques and approaches. All labs offer state-of-the-art research facilities, and the universities represent vibrant academic environments covering a wide range of biology and earth sciences topics. These positions offer further opportunities for fieldwork, conference attendance, and professional training. The positions are fully funded. Salary and benefits are internationally highly competitive. Additional funding for consumables, computing, and to attend international conferences is available.

We offer a nice working place in a multicultural, diverse and dynamic academic environment. Opportunities for professional training, a lot of activities and other benefits to discover.

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