Gestiona un una estación de campo de investigación en primatología para el Loango Chimpanzee Project en Gabón. ~

3 de junio de 2021

Gestiona un una estación de campo de investigación en primatología para el Loango Chimpanzee Project en Gabón.

Laura Martínez Íñigo, moderadora del biogrupo, ha formado parte del proyecto desde 2018 y se ha ofrecido amablemente a responder cualquier duda. Contacta con ella por aquí. 

Research Coordinator/Camp manager for an ongoing long-term project - the Loango Chimpanzee Project (LCP) - in Loango NP, Gabon. The person will be in charge of camp management, logistics, communication and coordination of data collection for different research projects. This includes organizing working schedules and payments for local field assistants, organizing food and other supplies, maintenance of camp infrastructure, communication with the National Park authorities (ANPN) and the National Research Institute (CENAREST). The camp manager is also in charge of processing and maintaining the sample collection ranging from urine, feces, plants, tissue and bones on a daily basis. The living conditions at this project are basic. Our camp has only basic amenities (no running water, only minimal solar power for electricity). Loango National Park is located on the coast of Gabon and consists of several ecosystems including coastal forest and swamps. Information about the field site and research activities at Loango are available at:

Requirements/qualifications:Essential requirements are: (1) field experience, (2) language skills (English and French), (3) above average resistance to social/psychological stress, (4) practical and technical skills required to maintain the camps technical infrastructure (e.g. solar electricity, satphone, cybertracker software), (5) the ability to achieve tasks by improvisation, using limited resources that are available, (6) the capacity to live and work with an international team of students, volunteers and local staff. Candidates should have social skills, a sense of leadership, a strong motivation to take responsibility and tolerance to local costumes, (7) Qualification in zoology will be preferred, (8) Experience driving a quad bike is an asset.You will be required to have basic health insurance that also covers emergency repatriation and liability. You also must have vaccinations for measles, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, polio, and meningitis and a negative TB test.

Salary/funding:1.000 Euro/monthSupport provided for position
- per diem for travel
- lap top
- food and accommodation in single room at the field site
- domestic transportation
- international return flight (reimbursement ONLY AFTER SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A 12 MONTHS TERM OF APPOINTMENT)

Term of Appointment:minimum One Year - starting September 2021
Application deadline:July 1st, 2021

Contact Information:Dr. Tobias Deschner
Max Planck Institute for evolutionary Anthropology, Former Department of Primatology

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