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2 de junio de 2021

Múltiples posibilidades para unirte al programa Blue-Green Biodiversity como postdoc o estudiante de doctorado

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Cluster hire of multiple postdoc and PhD positions to work on the Blue-Green Biodiversity (BGB2021-2024) research initiative of Eawag and WSL

The loss of biodiversity is, next to climate change, one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing. Research and action to reverse and mitigate the loss of biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions and services are thus crucially needed. In order to tackle this scientifically and societally urgent topic, the ETH Board has funded a research program on Blue-Green Biodiversity (BGB, www.eawag.ch/bgb and www.wsl.ch/bgb). Its goal is to strengthen interdisciplinary biodiversity research of WSL and Eawag in order to find answers to urgent social challenges of species loss as quickly as possible.

The BGB program started in 2020, with a series of projects. In its second phase, from 2021-2024, the program is now funding a series of projects including both postdoctoral and PhD student positions. All of these positions will be set in a highly collaborative framework at both institutions. Postdocs and PhD students will be employed at WSL or Eawag and will profit from a highly dynamic and international research community in biodiversity, ecology, evolution, environmental and social sciences.

The funded projects belong to a research or implementation track, respectively. Candidates for all positions will be selected to ensure strong complementarity among projects. We are also very committed to hire people from a diverse background, ensuring cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity. We invite interested candidates with a background and interest in biodiversity sciences (ecology, evolution) or related fields to apply. Postdoc positions are generally funded for two years. PhD positions are funded for four years, and will be accompanied with enrollment at a degree granting university (e.g., ETHZ, UZH, UniBE). Generally, positions are expected to be filled this summer. Salary and benefits are very competitive. Candidates interested in multiple positions can apply for several projects, but should cross-reference this in their applications. Details about individual projects can be found at the respective links; questions can be addressed to the respective project leaders. Both WSL and Eawag offer unique research and working environment and are committed to promoting equal opportunities for women and men and to support the compatibility of family and work. For more information, see www.wsl.ch and www.eawag.ch, respectively.

The positions listed below are opening now and selection of candidates will start from end-May onwards until all positions are filled. During the coming two years, there will be further positions opening and they will be announced in due time/individually. For more information on the BGB initiative, see: www.eawag.ch/bgb and www.wsl.ch/bgb.

For the following projects, we are now looking for competitive candidates:

Research track
Project 1 - Blue-Green Stormwater Infrastructure Meets Biodiversity in the City [Benefit] Project lead: Dr. Lauren M. Cook (Eawag) and Dr. Marco Moretti (WSL) Information for interested postdocs: https://apply.refline.ch/673277/0848/pub/1/index.html
Information for interested PhD students: https://apply.refline.ch/673277/0849/pub/1/index.html

Project 2 - Food-webs across aquatic-terrestrial environments in forests in the face of climate change Project lead: Prof. Dr. Martin Gossner (WSL/ETHZ) and Prof. Dr. Carsten Schubert (Eawag/ETHZ) Information for interested postdocs: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1164/pub/1/index.html
Information for interested PhD students: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1165/pub/1/index.html

Project 3 - Species interactions in beaver engineered habitats link land-water ecosystem processes Project lead: Dr. Anita C. Risch (WSL) and Dr. Francesco Pomati (Eawag) Information for interested PhD students: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1163/pub/1/index.html

Project 4 - Blue-Green Cyanobacteria: Diversity, Toxins and alpine Tourism Project lead: Prof. Dr. Christoph Scheidegger (WSL) and Dr. Elisabeth Janssen (Eawag) Information for interested postdocs:
https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1161/pub/1/index.html Information for interested PhD students: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1162/pub/1/index.html

Project 5 - Assessing and designing blue-green conservation strategies for the 21st Century in Switzerland Project lead: Prof. Dr. Niklaus E. Zimmermann (WSL/ETHZ) and Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen (Eawag/UniBE) Information for interested postdocs: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1167/pub/1/index.html
Information for interested PhD students: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1168/pub/1/index.html

Implementation track
Project 6 - Enhancing residents' understanding of blue-green biodiversity through participatory interventions and social learning: A key for successful river restoration planning and implementation Project lead: Dr. Matthias Buchecker (WSL) and Dr. Nadja Contzen (Eawag) Information for interested postdocs: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1169/pub/1/index.html

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