Ayuda a la conservación de especies en Islas del Pacífico con este trabajo en remoto tan chulo que también te permite viajar por lugares remotos ~ Bioblogia.net

26 de enero de 2022

Ayuda a la conservación de especies en Islas del Pacífico con este trabajo en remoto tan chulo que también te permite viajar por lugares remotos

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Island Restoration Specialist

Employment Type: Full time
Fully remote


Island Conservation (IC) is our world’s only international nonprofit conservation organization dedicated solely to preventing extinctions on islands through community-based island restoration and rewilding partnerships. IC is committed to a holistic island-marine ecosystem restoration method that combines efforts to improve community livelihoods, manage invasive species, and reintroduce native species. To date, IC has completed 65 restoration projects on 51 islands and in doing so has protected hundreds of plant and animal species. IC is a United States based 501(c)3 charitable organization that works globally, with strategic international and local partnerships in all regions where they work that help achieve conservation goals.

Position Overview

We are seeking a talented and motivated individual to serve as an Island Restoration Specialist. The successful applicant will play a key role in working with our IC team, communities, governments, and other partners to plan and deliver island restoration and invasive species eradication projects. The Island Restoration Specialist will also be expected to train people to develop local capacity, write reports and grant proposals, represent Island Conservation publicly in various forums, keep records, and collect, maintain and analyze data. The successful applicant must have a strong commitment to Island Conservation’s mission, have impeccable integrity, possess exceptional people skills, and possess a keen sense of humor. The ability to be an adaptable, enthusiastic and a positive member of a motivated team is critical.

The position will report to a Project Manager and work closely with other members of Island Conservation’s Conservation Team. The Island Restoration Specialist may be based in a Pacific Island Nation, a Latin American country, or the United States and Territories. The position requires remote desk work as well as extensive travel with extended periods of time away from the duty station, oftentimes in remote and rustic conditions.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

• Experience working in conservation, preferably with experience working in remote field settings
• A willingness and ability to spend significant time in the field away from home. Field deployments can run from 1 week to 6 weeks or longer.
• A willingness and ability to spend significant time working on desk-based tasks when required.
• An ethic of service and/or conservation to benefit the natural world and people.
• Demonstrates effective learning as part of everyday practice and assists peers to learn effectively from experience.
• Valid Driver’s License.
• Passport, or willingness to apply for a passport.
• Proficiency in written and spoken English.
• Ability to extract and summarize information into written form from a broad range of sources.
• Excellent organizational skills, ability to work independently, ability to solve problems with limited supervision, and the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
• Ability and willingness to follow directions and delegate tasks when necessary.
• Basic computer skills including experience with Word, Excel, Windows, and Outlook.
• Ability to perform data entry into spreadsheets and databases.
• Ability to coordinate field logistics, supervise and train interns/technicians/partners to collect field data.
• Ability to perform efficiently under physical demanding conditions, including walking daily on rough footing with a backpack. Able to live harmoniously in small groups, in remote field camps.
• Gets along well with others and has an excellent sense of humor.
• A commitment to seek, understand and incorporate diverse viewpoints into everyday work.

The Most Highly Qualified Candidates Will Possess
• Experience working on invasive species control or eradication programs.
• Experience using GIS, camera traps, and collecting data in the field.
• Experience training others.
• Fluency in Spanish, French, or a language spoken in the Pacific.
• In-depth understanding and respect for diverse cultures and customs.
• Excellent written and spoken English language skills.
• A desire to learn to better themselves and seek increasingly larger organizational roles at IC.
• A desire to provide leadership to bring others together toward a common purpose of restoring islands.
• Experience leading a field team or supervising field staff or volunteers.
• Competency in GIS.
• Skills in hunting, trapping, rodenticide use and/or animal handling.
• Experience incorporating innovative tools or strategies into conservation projects.
• Ability and/or skills in standard survey techniques (birds, mammals, marine life, plants).
• Excellent professional references around their technical and people skills.

How to Apply: Send your letter of interest and resume by email (with subject: “Island Restoration Specialist and your last name”) addressed to: jobs@islandconservation.org

The letter of interest must describe your personal and professional motivations to apply for the position and demonstrate how your skills and experience makes you the ideal candidate for the position. The position will be open until filled.

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