Beca con todos los gastos pagados para máster en conservación de fauna salvaje ~

26 de marzo de 2022

Beca con todos los gastos pagados para máster en conservación de fauna salvaje

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MSc Scholarships in the Wildlife Institute, Beijing Forestry University, China, 2022

Employer: Beijing Forestry University 

Location: Beijing (CN)

Salary: A full scholarship include tuition fee, accommodation,living allowance and health insurance

Closing date: Apr 16, 2022

MSc Scholarships (2022) in the Wildlife Institute, Beijing Forestry University, China

Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is currently offering funded positions for international students with great willingness to study in China, under the Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme. Full scholarships are available for suitable candidates who is looking forward to gaining a MSc degree in the Wildlife Institute (WI), School of Ecology and Nature Conservation, BFU from September 2022.

WI was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing evidence for wildlife conservation and management within China and internationally. As a university-based research unit, WI-BFU carries out interdisciplinary scientific research in fields such as wildlife ecology, evolution, conservation and wildlife management. WI has a strong focus on research and conservation of endangered feline species such as snow leopard, leopard, clouded leopard and tiger as well as symbolic terrestrial species such as Asian elephant and Bactrian camel. Projects in WI range from high plateau desert ecosystem in northwest China to tropical forest ecosystem in southwest China. In addition to an integrated network within China, such as National Forestry and Grassland Administration, China Wildlife Conservation Association, and Eco-Bridge Continental ( as a long-term partner, WI is in close collaboration with Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Forest Service, Marwell Wildlife, IUCN, UNDP, PANTHERA and Snow Leopard Network. Through undertaking collaborative research, academic exchanges and the mutual cultivation of postgraduate students, WI has strengthened its international status and furthered its development as a well-known wildlife institute in China. Currently there are seven international students (two PhDs and five masters) who come from US, UK, Canada, Paraguay, Japan, India and Mongolia working in WI. Before, eight international students (five PhDs and three masters) who came from the US, UK, Italy and France have graduated by the end of 2021.

Currently there are two positions available for MSc degree (three-year course with full-English curriculum) in WI, research topics will focus on the following aspects: Conservation biology, landscape genetics and molecular ecology of endangered species; Ecology and conservation of mammals, especially wild felids and their prey, conflicts between wildlife and human beings. We are looking for students with molecular background particularly studies on the fields of genomics, population genetics, and experience on data analysis to join our lab. Candidates with academic publications will be preferred and prioritized.

A full scholarship will provide, excluding international traveling expenses:
- University fees (tuition, laboratory and learning materials, bench fees)

- On-campus accommodation (double room)

- Stipendiary living allowance (3,000 RMB per month)

- Comprehensive medical health insurance

Details about Beijing Forestry University and degree programs can be found on the website:, details of Chinese Government Scholarship are available online:, and university online application system and Chinese Government Scholarship application information System are:;

Procedure for application: (1) Please send your full curriculum vitae and a cover letter to Prof. Shi Kun (Director of WI, and Ying Chen ( and cc to Liu Dan ( if you are interested to apply before 17th April 2022 (Sunday). (2) Qualified candidates will be given guidance to start online application and deadline for submission of online applications: 30th April 2022 (Saturday).

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