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29 de marzo de 2022

Urgente! Trabaja en la conservación de los caballitos de mar

Oferta compartida por Cristina

Research Associate Project Seahorse 

Job Category: Faculty Non Bargaining

Department: Research | Vincent | Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries | Faculty of Science (Amanda Vincent)

Posting End Date

March 31, 2022

To apply:

Send a detailed CV; a cover letter detailing why you’re interested in the position, your relevant skills and expertise; copies of two relevant publications; and the names, emails and phone numbers of three referees to r.bestbier@oceans.ubc.ca

Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. However, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. Please indicate your legal status to work in Canada.

Research Associate – Conservation of seahorses, pipefishes and seadragons (syngnathid fishes) through research, expert collaboration and community engagement

A full time Research Associate position is available with Project Seahorse, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at The University of British Columbia. The core responsibility is to generate and apply knowledge to effect practical change in management and conservation of syngnathid fishes, with particular reference to generating expert collaboration and community engagement for this taxon. This post involves a combination of investigation, assessment, planning, action, communication and networking. Responsibilities cut across biological research, protected area implementation, fisheries management, trade regulation, and community science.

Project Seahorse is committed to conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems, and has won significant awards for its unusual blend of research and management at scales ranging from community initiatives to international accords. Project Seahorse collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to build capacity for conservation; by developing conservation policy; managing marine populations and fisheries; undertaking biological research; monitoring and adjusting consumption of marine life; educating and promoting awareness of marine conservation in general and seahorse conservation in particular.

This post is based at the Institute for the Fisheries and Oceans (IOF), a world class research centre at The University of British Columbia. Its mission is to lead the way to healthy and sustainable marine and freshwater systems through excellent research, inspirational education, and innovative societal engagement.


This Research Associate will report to the Director of Project Seahorse, Professor Amanda Vincent, and will take direction from her. The Research Associate will work closely with other Project Seahorse staff, students, collaborators and volunteers at UBC and around the world to execute agreed priorities in syngnathid conservation.

Lead and catalyse research on biology, ecology, fisheries, trade and conservation of syngnathid fishes;
Co-ordinate and support Project Seahorse initiatives to advance conservation of syngnathid fishes and their habitats, with an emphasis on expert collaboration and community science.
Collaborate with colleagues on assessment, research, consultation, and development of conservation responses to threats faced by seahorses and other syngnathid fishes.
Communicate Project Seahorse findings/knowledge and management/policy guidance at regional, national and international gatherings.
Advise Project Seahorse staff, students and volunteers for work on syngnathid fishes including their ecology, threat reduction and conservation action.
Develop, plan and coordinate initiatives in Project Seahorse to advance syngnathid conservation, in consultation with the Director and other team members.
Collaborate on development, acquisition and stewardship of grants to support Project Seahorse research and management activity on syngnathid fishes.
Prepare and publish refereed scientific papers, policy documents, public communications and other forms of outreach.
Guides and supports the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group, which serves as the global nexus of expertise for syngnathid conservation globally;
Other duties as agreed with the Director of Project Seahorse.


This Research Associate will work closely with Professor Amanda Vincent to develop a work programme but will then be expected to execute it independently, while still remaining in communication with Prof Vincent and consulting appropriately on notable decisions.


This Research Associate will be involved in supporting work of Project Seahorse staff and students where it affects the Research Associate’s responsibilities and priorities. The Research Associate may supervise interns and volunteers on short-term initiatives relating to the Research Associate’s responsibilities and priorities.


The applicant must be self-motivated and able to work independently, and have the following attributes:
PhD in a field related to marine species conservation;
At least five years professional experience beyond the PhD in applied marine conservation;
Specific and thorough knowledge of syngnathid fishes (seahorses, pipefishes and seahorses);
At least five years field experience studying biology, ecology, fisheries, trade and conservation of syngnathid fishes;
Front line experience in effecting conservation of syngnathid fishes, deploying management and policy tools such as marine protected areas and protected species legislation;
Experience in developing and implementing capacity building initiatives in support of syngnathid conservation priorities.
Knowledge of syngnathid fish husbandry and ex situ research;
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and ability to transfer this knowledge to a wide array of user groups;
Experience with IUCN Red List criteria and categories, IUCN Red List assessment processes, and national Red List processes;
Experience in communicating and working with government, industry, NGOs and local communities to develop measures for marine conservation;
Strong experience in planning, coordinating and supervising the execution of research projects;
A proven ability to transfer scientific findings to support management and policy;
A strong publication record in peer reviewed scientific journals and in policy briefings.
Ability to seek and secure funding for research projects;
Competency in the three IUCN languages (English, French, Spanish) would be a great advantage.

This position will begin as soon as possible and is a full-time, three-year appointment that may be renewed subject to programming and funding. The position will be based in Vancouver.

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