Usa la inteligencia artificial para analizar datos espaciales de bosques ~

25 de marzo de 2022

Usa la inteligencia artificial para analizar datos espaciales de bosques

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Geospatial Data Scientist

The Position

As Geospatial Data Scientist, you will analyse forests with remote sensing data and machine learning algorithms. Use cases include biomass/carbon estimation, change monitoring, damage detection, and land cover analysis. This is a great opportunity to gain expertise in sustainable AI. Our product is already creating a seismic impact in forest analytics, and we are only getting started!

Required Skills

This role requires both a solid theoretical background in data science as well as hands-on experience analyzing remote sensing and other geospatial data:
Academic background in Computer Science, Geomatics, or Environmental Science
Processing remote sensing data at scale such as satellite/aerial images, LiDAR, SAR
Development, validation, and deployment of machine learning models
Experience developing Python-based software for commercial use
Strong communication skills in English

About Us

CollectiveCrunch is an AI leader in the forest industry. We collect climate, geo, and satellite data and crunch this information into AI models for better prediction of forest inventories, forest risks and carbon storage.

What we offer

We have a startup mindset in a self-financed growth business. You will get to build a world-class SaaS-based product with a positive impact. We offer market-level salary with stock options and comprehensive benefits. We foster personal growth through trust and freedom to deliver on your responsibilities and provide the resources you need to succeed.


Interested? Please get in touch with us at: jobs(at)

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