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12 de junio de 2022

¿Eres una investigadora que acaba de terminar/está terminando su doctorado? ¡Aprovecha esta beca puente!

Oferta compartida por Nuria

The Margarethe Koenig Award is an award to fund international female junior scientists shortly after completing their PhD. It is awarded as an employment (TV-L E 13), which is limited to 12 months, and should serve as a "stepping stone" for the further academic career. The award can also be used family-friendly as a part-time job for 2 years. The award is available from 01.02.2023. The funding period for the Margarethe Koenig Award should be used for the preparation of publications, the acquisition of external funded projects, as well as the participation in conferences and workshops. The award does not include research funds. The award winner will be accompanied by a mentor at the Museum A. Koenig.

Application requirements
  • The PhD examination must have been taken within the last 2 years. Times of parental leave can be added to the limit of 2 years.
  • The PhD thesis must at least have been submitted. The funding can only start after a successful doctoral examination.
  • The applicant's age may exceed 35 years only in exceptional cases.
  • Successful applicants of the award must work at LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn
  • Applicants must submit a research plan for one year, related to the collections and/or infrastructure and laboratories provided by the LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn (see website: https://bonn.leibniz-lib.de/de for collections of the departments Arthropoda and Vertebrata, the Biobank, the Biohistoricum, the morphology- or molecular lab and further research infrastructures).
Selection procedure
The selection committee consists of four scientists from the LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn and two external assessors. The PhD supervisor and the putative in-house cooperating partner are not allowed to be a member of the selection committee. The award will be announced internationally. In case of equal qualification, applicants from the LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn will be prioritized.

Application documents
The application, written in German or English, should contain the following documents:
  • CV incl. a full list of publications.
  • Copy of the dissertation (please as PDF).
  • Publications (if available, maximum 3) as PDF.
  • Concept for a research project at the LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn for one year.
  • Explanation how the award supports the academic career of the applicant.
  • Confirmation letter from the museum's host department about the provision for a workspace.
It is not possible to claim the award in parallel with an existing employment. In case of a hiring during the period of the funding, the funding stops in the following month. It is expected that the award winner will present her project in a colloquium at the beginning of the funding period and report on the progress of her work not later than the end of the funding period at the LIB.

Please send your application only digitally via our application portal to: www.leibniz-zfmk.de/job-portal or www.leibniz-zfmk.de/en/job-portal.

For organizational reasons, only online applications will be accepted.
The application deadline for this award is 31.07.2022.

Please direct any technical queries to Prof. Heike Wägele (h.waegele@leibniz-lib.de).

Background information
In its own history, the Museum Koenig Bonn (former: Zoological Research Museum Koenig) can refer to an outstanding woman who, without ever having put herself in the foreground, has done great work for the museum, for her husband's research expeditions and their evaluation and thus for the research as a whole. Margarethe Koenig (née Westphal, 1865-1943), after marrying Alexander Koenig in 1884, spent 56 years with her husband and accompanied him on almost all of his extensive and often dangerous expeditions. She accurately kept a diary on the research trips and wrote numerous writings about the journeys, which were partly lost during the World Wars. The accomplishments of this special female personality are honored with the Margarethe Koenig Award, which is dedicated to the promotion of women.

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