Ve a salvar miles de aves con este interesante voluntariado para buscar trampas ilegales en Chipre ~

22 de julio de 2022

Ve a salvar miles de aves con este interesante voluntariado para buscar trampas ilegales en Chipre

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Volunteer Field Assistant 

Committee Against Bird Slaughter

Take part in Bird Protection Camp in Cyprus and help save thousands of birds. Dedicated volunteers are needed this autumn to monitor and report illegal trapping and hunting of birds in Cyprus.

The organisation

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) is an international charitable organisation based in Bonn, Germany. It was established in 1975 to help preventing illegal hunting and trapping of birds around Europe. Since 2008, CABS is conducting Bird Protection Camps in Cyprus to fight against illegal trapping and hunting of birds. More than one million birds are illegally killed in Cyprus each year. Most of them are songbirds, which are considered a culinary delicacy.

The position

Volunteer field assistants are needed this autumn to help with locating bird trapping and illegal bird hunting sites in Cyprus. Volunteers will work in small teams and report the located illegalities directly to the enforcement officers. We are closely cooperating with enforcement agencies in Cyprus to stop illegal activities in progress and to ensure that enforcement measures are taken against poachers. This is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to make a difference by saving many birds from imminent death.

Duties conducting fieldwork to monitor illegal trapping and hunting of birds
reporting the findings to the enforcement agencies
collecting and storing field data
assisting in the release of caught birds
assisting in the care of injured birds
assisting with accommodation maintenance and food preparation

Desired skills we are looking for physically fit people capable of undertaking long hours of strenuous fieldwork. Candidates must be prepared for long walks in the difficult terrain, which will often be uneven, rocky and densely vegetated. We work in all periods of the day, including the night
candidates must be motivated to perform well under difficult conditions. Work requires keeping a low profile during fieldwork to avoid confrontations with poachers and patience to observe certain locations for longer period of time
candidates must be able to stay calm when exposed to dangerous / stressful situations, for example when they are confronted with poachers
candidates must be capable to work well both independently and in teams
bird handling skills are desired

Requirements candidates must have a valid driving license

Dates, Accommodation & Costs

We are looking to fill positions for CABS & SPA Autumn 2022 Bird Protection Camp in Cyprus which will take place from September to November 2022. Minimum stay at the camp is two weeks, while longer stays are also possible. This is unpaid position, however we will cover travel and accommodation costs. Accommodation is provided in apartments with bedrooms, common room and a well-equipped kitchen. Volunteers can expect to share a bedroom with another volunteer. Shopping, cooking and cleaning is shared communally.

Contact details

If you are interested to participate, please send your CV and cover letter to Positions to be filled as soon as appropriate candidates are found. For further information, please see the CABS website or Facebook page.

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