Postdoc en Brasil, investigando diversidad de roedores neotropicales 🐀 ~

15 de agosto de 2022

Postdoc en Brasil, investigando diversidad de roedores neotropicales 🐀

Oferta compartida por Nuria

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity for Evolutionary Biologists: Diversification rates and adaptive radiation on Neotropical rodents.

The Laboratorio de Mamíferos, Departamento de Ciências Biologicas, Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", Universidade de Sao Paulo, coordinated by Alexandre Reis Percequillo, is housing the FAPESP Thematic Project "Diversity of Neotropical rodents (Rodentia: Sciuridae, Cricetidae, Echimyidae): origin, evolution and biogeography" for the next five years, and is offering an opportunity of postdoctoral fellowship for Brazilian or foreign applicants, who has completed a PhD in Life Sciences (Zoology, Ecology, Genetics or Biology) no more than six years before the start of this scholarship.

The project "Diversification rates and adaptive radiation on Neotropical rodents" aims to understand the evolutionary history of distinct families of rodents (e.g., Cricetidae, Echimyidae, Sciuridae) through macroevolutionary and biogeographic analysis, employing genomic data and a comprehensive taxonomic and geographic coverage. We aim to integrate data already generated in the Laboratorio de Mamíferos for different groups of rodents (UCEs, AHE, ddRADSeq, SANGER) with new data to be generated on this project from samples to be collected in field and museums, and to establish phylogenomic hypothesis that will be the basis of subsequent time divergence estimates, biogeographic analyses, ancestral reconstructions and macroevolutionary analyses.

Contract period and starting date.
The scholarship lasts 24 months with possibility of extension for up to 12 additional months (twice, totaling 48 months of research in Brazil), plus 12 months of research abroad (upon approval from FAPESP). The expectation is to start the activities of this project in October or November, 2022.

  1. The candidate must have completed a PhD no more than six years before the start of the scholarship;
  2. The scholarship requires full dedication to the research project (except under the conditions described in resolution PR 13/2009 of July 15, 2009);
  3. The grantee may not have any formal or informal employment, nor receive, during the period of the fellowship, a scholarship from another entity, salary or remuneration derived from the exercise of activities of any nature;
  4. For the implementation of the scholarship the selected candidate must present all documentation required by FAPESP; For more details, go to:
Monthly income (tax-free) of R$ 8,479.20 (Brazilian currency), plus 15% of the annual value for expenses related to research (Research funds);
Financial support for expenses on travel and installation may be requested for the grantee and the merits will be analyzed by FAPESP upon acceptance of the concession;

The submission deadline is September 23, 2022, 18:00, Brasilia time zone (BRT or UTC-3). Registration exclusively by the following e-mail: Include the subject "Postdoctoral Rodent Diversity project", followed by your name, and send the following files in PDF format:
  1. A cover letter (maximum of 2 pages), written in English, explaining your motivations and emphasizing your previous experience in the area of expertise of this proposal;
  2. A summarized CV including published papers attesting your skills and capacity to develop this proposal;
  3. Two letters of recommendation that should be send by the person providing the letter (not the candidate) directly to the email above;
  4. A PD research proposal considering the aims mentioned in this notice, following FAPESP instructions, available at
  5. The Laboratorio de Mamíferos values and encourages the application of members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the academy, such as women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community members, and other marginalized groups.
The applicants will be selected based on their CVs (experience in the research area of the project and number and quality of the publications) and on the cover letters and letters of support. Pre-selected applicants will be invited to an online interview. The selected candidate must submit the necessary documents for the FAPESP scholarship application within 15 days after approval.

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