Postdoc o doctorado estudiando jerbillos del Sáhara ~

10 de septiembre de 2022

Postdoc o doctorado estudiando jerbillos del Sáhara

Oferta compartida por Nuria

Phylogenomics and evolution of speciose desert rodents (genera: Gerbillus)

We are looking for an enthusiastic student / researcher to join project and expeditions to the Sahara to collect data and accomplish research / PhD thesis. The selected candidate will apply with the team for an independent research position / PhD scholarship. Several financing opportunities exist within the supervisor team institutions (see below).

Ongoing climate change, and extreme weather events, raised concern for species survival throughout the world. Some organisms have long coped with those problems, by adapting to new conditions and seeking shelter in suitable patchy areas. Therefore a promising approach to predict the future of the species is to first reconstruct its evolutionary past. North Africa has been exposed to frequent, and repeated, climatic oscillations. Therefore, the Sahara desert can serve as a laboratory to study how species respond to climate change and extreme conditions. We study speciose Gerbillus rodents (estimated > 50 species) that inhabit arid habitats and deserts. Due to remoteness of the area evolutionary history and ecology of Saharan inhabitants has been rarely studied. Our previous research showed high cryptic diversity within Gerbillus rodents, and suggested ecological processes involved in diversification.

With field work in remote and distinct geographic locations, expected to host endemic and rare lineages and species, and sequencing of historical museum samples, this project aims in reconstructing phylogenetic history (phylogenomics) to study biogeography and mechanisms of diversification in harsh and fluctuating desert conditions.

Send (1) a short letter of interest (1 page), (2) CV (1-3 pages) and (3) list of publications (all integrated in one pdf file) to:

Financing opportunities:
Fellowship / contract through FCT foundation: 
PhD scholarship at the Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic):
PhD Biodiv studentship:

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