Distintas oportunidades para hacer el doctorado en especies invasoras y cómo afectan al entorno ~ Bioblogia.net

10 de diciembre de 2022

Distintas oportunidades para hacer el doctorado en especies invasoras y cómo afectan al entorno

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Welcome to the Invasion Ecology Research Group at Newcastle University. We focus on the impact of invasive alien species on the environment, biodiversity and livelihoods (food and water security). However, our project interests are diverse and also include research on plant and soil community ecology.

We are always looking to work with new people and discuss potential project opportunities. If you are interested in collaborating and/or joining the group, please contact me.

Available PhD Studentships

Understanding public awareness, attitudes and perceptions of invasive non-native species and their management in the UK. Supervisors: Dr Zarah Pattison, Prof Aileen Mill, Dr Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz, Dr Ana Novoa. Based at University of Stirling. LINK: https://iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/understanding-public-awareness-attitudes-and-perceptions-of-invasive-non-native-species-and-their-management-in-the-uk/

Drone and satellite remote sensing to support catchment scale monitoring of biocontrol of invasive plant species. Supervisors: Prof Aileen Mill, Dr Zarah Pattison, Prof Clare Fitszimmons. Based at Newcastle University. LINK: https://iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/drone-and-satellite-remote-sensing-to-support-catchment-scale-monitoring-of-biocontrol-of-invasive-plant-species/

The importance of location of origin for wildflower seed mixes. Supervisors: Dr Adrian Brennan, Dr Zarah Pattison. Based at Durham Univesity. LINK: https://iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/the-importance-of-location-of-origin-for-wildflower-seed-mixes/

Restoration of riparian habitats on sugarcane plantations for bird diversity, bird – regulated ecosystem services and climate change mitigation and adaptation in rural tropical landscapes, Tanzania. Supervisors: Dr Marion Pfeifer, Prof Philip A Stephens, Dr Zarah Pattison, Dr Roy Sanderson. Based at Newcastle University. LINK: https://iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/restoration-of-riparian-habitats-on-sugarcane-plantations-for-bird-diversity-bird-regulated-ecosystem-services-and-climate-change-mitigation-and-adaptation-in-rural-tropical-landscapes-tan/

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