Asistente de campo explorando bosques boreales y aprendiendo a identificar plantas ~

26 de enero de 2023

Asistente de campo explorando bosques boreales y aprendiendo a identificar plantas

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Seasonal Botany Field Assistant

Seasonal Botany Field Assistant

Location: Based in Edmonton, AB, the position requires travel to field sites in Northern Alberta

Term: May through August, 2023

Description: Forestry practitioners in Alberta seek to conserve species diversity and ecological function by planning timber harvests to mimic patterns of natural disturbance. The large harvested areas resemble burns with features like sinuous edges and remnant forest islands within the disturbed area. The successful applicant will assist a graduate student examining the species and functional diversity of forest understory vascular plant species of pine-dominated forest remnants in anthropogenic and natural disturbances.

The field assistant will work with a graduate student to collect field data for the study. The assistant will plan field days, navigate to sites and use dichotomous keys to identify vascular plants to species. They will record data on percent cover of plant species, site characteristics, and leaf metabolism. The assistant will collect unknown plant specimens for later identification, maintain excellent notes and organization of data.

Work Environment: You will have the opportunity to explore large areas of Alberta’s boreal forest region, encounter wildlife and become intimate with the natural communities and rhythms of the boreal forest. You will be working daily in the field with a graduate student who will be available for discussions and to help you advance your research skills such as plant identification.

Field work can be physically and emotionally demanding, often requiring long days, substantial amounts of hiking with a heavy pack, repetitive tasks and difficult working conditions including inclement weather, extreme heat, arduous terrain and nuisance insects. In addition to environmental hazards, the position will require driving long distances on rural highways and unimproved roads, often in areas without cell reception. Though we will take a proactive approach toward safety and personal well-being, the applicant should be prepared to meet these challenges.

Schedule: For the duration of the field season, the team will work a 8/6 or 10/4 work schedule, depending on the needs of the project, averaging 10 hours/day. During each hitch, per-diem and local accommodations will be provided (on rare occasions camping may be required). Transportation from Edmonton to the field sites is provided.

Minimum Qualifications:Ability and willingness to travel to Northern Alberta for 8-10 days at a time.
Ability and willingness to work outdoors in difficult conditions including inclement weather, extreme heat, arduous terrain and nuisance insects.
Ability and willingness to carry a heavy backpack and/or equipment up to several kilometers through difficult terrain.
Authorization to work in Canada.

Desired Qualifications: All interested persons are encouraged to apply, regardless of experience. Those members of social groups who have been historically excluded from or are underrepresented in biological sciences are encouraged to apply.Keen interest in botany, ecology, forestry or conservation.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Knowledge of the flora of the Boreal Forest, Alberta or Western Canada.
Experience collecting data for scientific studies.
Ability to precisely follow written protocols.
Excellent attention to detail and organization skills.
Experience with first aid and managing risks in remote, outdoor setting
Valid, non-graduated class 5 driver’s license issued in Canada or the United States.
Experience driving ATVs and/or 4x4 vehicles.

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