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18 de enero de 2023

Técnico para la monitorización de la biodiversidad en South Tyrol

Oferta compartida por Cristina

Technician for the Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol (supporting soil and running water surveys and sorting invertebrate samples)

Short description of the position:

The Institute for Alpine Environment performs problem-oriented research of mountain environments in the fields of landscape ecology, global change, biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable development. For the project “Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol” (BMS) we invite applications for the position of a technician supporting field sampling of invertebrates and working in the laboratory (sorting and identifying invertebrates on a coarse taxonomic level, preparing soil samples for further analyses). The ideal candidate has experience in soil extraction, pitfall trapping and/or limnological surveys and in identification of soil invertebrate groups as well as in handling soil samples. Study area will be the whole region of South Tyrol (ITA), working location is Bolzano/Bozen.

BMS is an ongoing survey of biodiversity that serves as basic research, but it is also intended to provide a scientific base for political decisions concerning spatial planning, agriculture, and nature conservation. BMS surveys animal and plant groups that react sensitively to climate and/or land-use changes, at habitat and landscape level. These surveys occur in 320 terrestrial and more than 100 aquatic sites distributed over the entire province of South Tyrol (7400 km²), including a large share of the diversity of habitats in the region. For details, please consult our webpage biodiversity.eurac.edu

Tasks: Installing and regular emptying of pitfall traps, soil core sampling
Support of field work for survey of running water (macrozoobenthos, set of water abiotic parameters)
Heat extraction of the soil core samples
Identification of major soil invertebrate groups
Processing soil samples and analysis of physical and chemical soil parameters, support limnological sorting

Requirements: Bachelor or master’s degree in biology or Environmental Science
Taxonomic knowledge of main groups of invertebrates is required
Experience in working with pitfall traps and soil extraction or experiences in limnological surveys
English, German and/or Italian
Driving license “B”
Willingness and suitability to work in alpine areas.
Good interpersonal and collaborative skills, good teamwork
Efficient organization skills to manage field work

We offer: Temporary contract for 12 months
Opportunity to work in a young interdisciplinary team
Attractive living and working conditions (Great Place to Work©)

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, cover letter and further relevant documents) within 31.01.2023.

For further information please contact Julia Plunger: Tel: +39 0471 055 346

Company: Eurac Research
Location: Bozen/Bolzano Contact person: Julia Plunger
Phone number: +39 0471 055 346
E-mail address: julia.plunger@eurac.edu

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