Trabaja como coordinador (research manager) en una estación de investigación en Trinidad ~

21 de febrero de 2023

Trabaja como coordinador (research manager) en una estación de investigación en Trinidad

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Research managers (2) are needed to help lead a multi-disciplinary, multi-investigator, experimental study of the evolution of species interactions in Trinidad, West Indies. The research is led by Professors David Reznick (University of California, Riverside), Joseph Travis (Florida State University), Tim Coulson (University of Oxford), and Ron Bassar (Auburn University). We seek to integrate multiple biological fields for the study of these interactions in experimental populations of guppies and killifish in Trinidad. Major duties include coordinating logistics and research activities at the field station in Trinidad, leading a monthly censuses of guppy populations in montane streams, and supervising junior interns.

There are potential start dates in April 2023. We will pay a monthly stipend, cover travel, living expenses, and provide housing. Managers are expected to complete a 3-month initial training as a junior intern prior to becoming a manager.

Research will take place in semi-remote areas of Trinidad, sometimes under inclement weather conditions. The monthly censuses include long hours in the field and laboratory. 
Successful applicants will have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, be able to drive manual transmission and 4wd vehicles, and be able to carry heavy backpacks over slippery and steep terrain. Applicants must be in good physical condition and be able to meet the demands of field research under these conditions.
Applicants with first-aid/first responder training, skills in automobile maintenance, and construction skills are highly desirable. Please address these skills when applying.

Please see our website for more information on the project and access to reprints. Be sure to check out our video menu, which includes a "guppy censuses" as submenu VII. It details the main tasks associated with the internship.

Applicants should send a cover letter, CV, and the names and e-mail addresses of three or more professional references to David Reznick ( At least two of the references should be academics.

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