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3 de marzo de 2023

Oportunidad de financiación para ONGs: apoyar el ecoturismo para la conservación en Latinoamerica

Rowens Cristancho nos comparte esta iniciativa de la organización donde trabaja para apoyar el ecoturismo para la conservación en Latinoamerica


Responsible ecotourism, defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”, can be a powerful tool for preserving natural beauty and biodiversity in Latin America and the whole world. If done correctly, it has the potential to raise much-needed funds for conservation efforts, create jobs, increase environmental awareness, and encourage conservation of the area’s natural resources.

We are seeking applications for our first Conservation Allies Latin America Ecotourism Initiative. This initiative will award up to $50,000 in 2023 to one selected NGO in Latin America to create a new ecolodge or expand an existing one that will promote sustainable tourism and conservation efforts.

We are looking for visionary organizations who demonstrate a commitment to preserving the rich biodiversity of Latin American ecosystems and cultures. The ideal NGO will have a detailed plan for creating an ecolodge that is ecologically responsible, culturally sensitive, and financially viable.

If you are passionate about conservation and sustainability, and have a plan to create an ecolodge in Latin America, we encourage you to apply.

2023 TimelineMarch 1st – April 15th: Applications are open for Phase 1
May 30th: Shortlisted NGOs are contacted for Phase 2
July 15th: Deadline for Phase 2
August 31st: Announcement of winner

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must fulfill all of the following criteria: Be a conservation NGO working in Latin America with at least four years of legal establishment and operations in their country of work.
The NGO must be the owner or long-term lease holder (20+ years) of the lodge site.
The proposed lodge must be within or beside a protected or conserved area important for biodiversity conservation that is registered with the World Database of Protected Areas.
The NGO must have previous experience in ecotourism (e.g. day tours, birdwatching, eco/adventure/wildlife tours, volunteer opportunities, ecolodges, etc.).

If you feel your organization doesn’t meet the requirements, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Conservation Allies partner to have access to the resources that we offer for local conservation NGOs such as our fundraising platform free of cost and technical support. For more information regarding benefits of a CA partnership, head to https://www.conservationallies.org/become-a-partner/.

How to Apply

Phase 1: If your organization meets the eligibility requirements, please fill out the following form, answering basic questions about the proposed project.

Conservation Allies Latin America Ecotourism Initiative Application

Phase 2: Shortlisted organizations will be contacted to provide further detailed information about their project and an accompanying business plan.

For more information, contact ecotourisminitiative@conservationallies.org.

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