Postdoc en genética evolutiva usando el veneno como modelo ~

29 de marzo de 2023

Postdoc en genética evolutiva usando el veneno como modelo

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in evolutionary genetics of venom

We are searching for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to run an evolutionary genetics experiment studying the molecular genetic underpinnings of evolvability using venom as a model. The fellowship will be for a period of three years and is affiliated with the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo Department of Biosciences.

The person will be working in the Undheim group, where we are interested in questions in evolutionary biology that relate to how evolutionary innovations and novelties emerge and how they interact across levels of biological complexity. As relatively simple complex traits, venoms offer unique opportunities for studying molecular mechanisms underlying the ability of traits to respond to selection, i.e. their evolvability, which is currently a major focus of the group.

The successful candidate will be working mainly on the microevolutionary aspect of evolvability, studying the effects of trait integration and mutations on the evolvability and population-level divergence of venom and venom-associated molecular traits. The person will work in the interface between molecular evolution, evolutionary bioinformatics, and evolutionary quantitative genetics and use approaches such as analyses of venom- and non-venom-associated transcriptomic expression traits, venomics-guided gene regulatory network analyses, and analyses of mutation-accumulation experiments. Sampling and data analyses will be primarily based on from already collected samples or in-house lab cultures of lacewings, but the person will also have the opportunity to contribute to field-collection and breeding of lacewings as well as be involved in other aspects of studying venom evolvability.

The project will also involve collaboration with Prof. Thomas Hansen (CEES, UiO, Norway), Prof. Christophe Pélabon (NTNU, Norway), as well as other research groups both nationally and internationally.

We offer
  • Salary NOK 544 400 – 563 500 per annum depending on qualifications in position as Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (position code 1352)
  • Attractive welfare benefits and a generous pension agreement
  • Professionally stimulating working environment
  • Vibrant international academic environment
  • Postdoctoral development programmes
  • Oslo’s family-friendly surroundings with their rich opportunities for culture and outdoor activities
Application deadline is 16th of April 2023, and preferred starting date is no later than 1st of September 2023.
For more information and instructions on how to apply, visit this link

For any other questions, please email Eivind Undheim:

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