Postdoc estudiando plasticidad adaptativa y la capacidad de evolución de las plantas ~

27 de marzo de 2023

Postdoc estudiando plasticidad adaptativa y la capacidad de evolución de las plantas

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The Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher in ecology and evolutionary biology to join the Plant Adaptation and Conservation (PAC) group. The researcher will be employed for twelve months at the University of Helsinki starting latest on 1 Aug 2023. The position is located at LUOMUS.

The position is part of the research project "Will adaptive plasticity and evolvability help plants to survive in a changing climate", funded by the Academy of Finland. In this project, we combine approaches from ecology, ecophysiology and quantitative genetics to quantify variation in trait means and to compare capacity for adaptation in key functional traits of widespread and narrowly distributed species, and we contrast leading-edge, core, and trailing-edge populations. We analyse three interrelated key mechanisms for adaptive potential in plants: (i) standing intraspecific variation in phenotypic trait means and plasticity, (ii) phenotypic plasticity within individual life-cycles and across generations, and (iii) evolutionary potential of populations and species. 
This combination of range-wide surveys of multivariate trait variation and plasticity with in-depth studies of population-level evolutionary potential provides an approach towards novel knowledge-based conservation applications in a changing climate.

For the position, the appointee must have a doctoral degree in a relevant discipline and the ability to conduct independent scholarly work. The appointee must have a maximum of five years since the completion of their PhD. Possible career breaks (maternity, paternity, parental or childcare leave, military/civil service etc.) will be considered. If the applicant pleads these special reasons, they should be mentioned in the CV.

Further details on the position and application can be found here.

Further information can be obtained from the Vice-director of Luomus, Dr Marko-Tapio Hyvärinen, +358 (0)2941 24440

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