Dos puestos en un proyecto que estudia cambios espaciotemporales en la diversidad de insectos a través de su ADN ~

22 de abril de 2023

Dos puestos en un proyecto que estudia cambios espaciotemporales en la diversidad de insectos a través de su ADN

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BIOSCAN is a global project initiated by the International Barcode of Life to simultaneously study species diversity, interactions, and dynamics using DNA barcoding. At the Wellcome Sanger Institute, we are leading a UK-based project that contributes to this global effort. We have partnered with agencies and researchers across the UK to collect and study one million insects over the next five years. In addition to the use of COI DNA barcodes to identify spatiotemporal change, we also retain 99% of the DNA from each specimen as well as the specimens themselves (DNA is non-destructively extracted). Thus, there is huge potential to leverage on the BIOSCAN results to create new genomics projects on particular species or species groups.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) to join the Lawniczak Group on the UK-wide BIOSCAN project that is using DNA based approaches to study spatiotemporal change in insect diversity.
BIOSCAN is exciting because of its potential impact and because of its scale. You will be excited to make the most of the barcode data in terms of impact and identify further opportunities for the samples. You will have a strong interest in insects and in the application of DNA to conservation and monitoring. The role is primarily an analytical and computational role, though there may be some wet lab work required on occasion.

You will be responsible for data analysis of all BIOSCAN data, studying change in species abundance, diversity, and interactions (where possible) over space and time as the project progresses. Abundant opportunities to integrate other data sources into analyses exist, which you should be keen to investigate. You will also play an important role in working with others to develop digestible and informative data visualisation and reports for our project partners. There are also opportunities to make wet-lab advances to get the most from the samples including the potential to capture additional barcodes for each specimen such as the evidence of plants each insect might have interacted with and/or pollinated.

You will be expected to develop a research project that entails whole genome sequencing of a small subset of the BIOSCAN samples where interesting or important research questions can be addressed. A likely focus would be studying cryptic species diversity in different Diptera families using long read sequencing.

About You:
You are creative and dedicated to making use of the samples and the resulting data to maximise the benefits of biodiversity research while carrying out interesting evolutionary genetics research. You will have a strong interest in leading DNA approaches that enable biodiversity monitoring and thus conservation. Additionally, you should have solid entomological knowledge and interest, ideally in Diptera, which comprise the majority of the sampled specimens. You will be part of a vibrant, diverse PDF community at the Sanger Institute. We provide PDFs with a wide programme of transferable skills training and excellent career development opportunities. For more information about being a PDF with us, please visit:

Essential skills:
  • PhD in entomology, molecular biology, statistics, bioinformatics, population genetics, ecological genomics, or other relevant area of molecular or quantitative analysis
  • The ability to analyse and interpret genomic data with strong quantitative/computational skills.
  • Programming and bioinformatics skills and/or experience in statistical analysis
  • Practical knowledge of DNA barcoding
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to deliver high-quality scientific outputs as evidenced by publication record
Competencies and Behaviours:
  • Demonstrates inclusivity and respect for all
  • Being a team player, and working collaboratively with others and building working relationships with internal and external colleagues
  • Ability to plan and prioritise own work in order to meet deadlines, including using initiative to plan research programmes
  • Highly developed communication skills to engage effectively with a wide-ranging audience, both orally and in writing, using a range of media
Other Information:
Salary Per annum: £35,707-£44,712 (dependent upon skills and experience)
Application Process: Please write a cover letter that 1) showcases your relevant skills and background, 2) describes what you would use the BIOSCAN data to investigate, and 3) describes how you would use the BIOSCAN data to develop a research project on species of interest.
You may apply in this portal

We welcome applications equally from those who wish to work full time (37 hours) or for a minimum of 30 hours per week via a flexible working arrangement.

Closing Date: 9th May 2023

We are also seeking someone to fill a 12 month maternity leave vacancy for the BIOSCAN Science Lead. This post is effectively a strategic operations management role that ensures the whole project is working well, delivering to its aims and to our partners.
The BIOSCAN UK project already has many partners. The role will require excellent communication with our partners, ensuring they have the support they need to deliver 10,000 insect specimens each month. We anticipate that new partners may join the project during the 12 month post and this role would also need to support new partner onboarding. Additionally, the role oversees the tracking of tens of thousands of samples as they arrive at the institute and enter the sequencing queue. Finally, the role is also in charge of overseeing the delivery of data analysis results back to our partners and ensuring that the strategic goals of the project are being met.

About You:
You will have experience in operating large programmes of research, being able to balance many different demands on your time. You will need to continue to implement effective sample management systems in collaboration with relevant internal teams – this work would involve Jira, Benchling, LIMS, and a sample tracking system database. This will include reviewing, developing, and continuously improving metadata tracking, sample acquisition, sample shipping, receipt and storage processes, and data analysis and return processes. You will need to identify and mitigate risks and issues early and lead the development of reporting systems back to partners that ensure timely return of results. You will be comfortable driving the relationships with partners and being available to partners as a point of escalation for any sample collection or other issues.

Essential skills:
  • Advanced scientific qualification such as Master’s with years experience or PhD
  • Experience of successfully managing a large research project involving many collaborator
  • Ability to demonstrate delivery of a complex project to time, cost and quality
  • Evidence of careful attention to detail
  • Evidence of working with spreadsheets and databases to manage information carefully and under change control
  • Project management experience and experience of Agile ways of
  • working and Lean process improvement.

Competencies and Behaviours:
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills are required, including evidence of working with a wide range of collaborative partners including experience with international stakeholders.
  • Excellent communications skills and evidence of an ability to adapt their communications style to a wide range of audiences.
  • Demonstrates inclusivity and respect for all
Other Information:
Salary per annum: £52,375-£62,222
Application Process: Please write a cover letter that 1) showcases your relevant skills and background and 2) describes how you would approach the role. Applications lacking a cover letter addressing these two areas will not be considered. We welcome applications equally from those who wish to work full time (37 hours) or for a minimum of 30 hours per week via a flexible working arrangement.
You may apply through this portal

Closing Date: 1st May 2023

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