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26 de julio de 2023

Un puesto como personal técnico investigador: interacciones planta-insecto y evolución experimental

Oferta compartida por Nuria

The Adaptation in Complex Environments group at the University of Lisbon (cE3c/FCUL) is seeking a full-time research technician. The position will involve a wide variety of tasks, and depending on the profile and expertise of the candidate could include the maintenance of populations of plants, spider-mites and predator-mites, performing experimental evolution, conducting experiments to quantify evolutionary changes in our focal organisms, or perform molecular biology tasks such as DNA and RNA extractions for sequencing.

In the Adaptation to Complex Environments group, we focus on how interactions between species shape the evolutionary trajectory and stability of systems with two or more levels of biological interactions. In our experimental tri-trophic ecosystems, rapid-cycling Brassica rapa plants are attacked by spider-mites (Tetranychus urticae), while predators (Amblyseius swirskii) prey on the spider-mites and control their population size. We study how the presence of different types of ecological interactions affects the evolutionary dynamics of organisms, and use a combination of tools, such as experimental evolution, theoretical modelling, phenotypic assays, and genomic analyses.

We seek a candidate who is both reliable and enthusiastic about working with a diverse set of organisms. The candidate should be a flexible team player, able to adapt to changing circumstances and new tasks, and open to collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds. The applicant must hold an MSc degree in Biology or a similar field, and should have experience in plant biology and/or entomology and/or molecular biology, and experience in planning and executing laboratorial experiments.

For applications follow the link: https://www.euraxess.pt/jobs/128043.
Deadline: 13th August 2023

For any queries please contact: irfragata@fc.ul.pt

This position is funded by an ERC starting grant
For more information about the group at cE3c/FCUL visit this link.

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