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20 de agosto de 2023

Técnico de campo, investigador de ambientes acuáticos y ornitógolo: varios puestos para trabajar en ecología y conservación

Do you have a passion for science and for nature and the forest? Looking for collaboration, flexibility and the continuous pursuit of improvement? Then be sure to apply for one of our vacancies.

As a student you can also contribute to our organization while gaining your first work experience. You can apply for an internship throughout the year or view the internship proposals on the right. Via this link you can view the rules regarding internships at INBO . You can download the document 'debt claim INBO trainees' here .

From April you will also find our holiday jobs for July, August and September here.
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Technical research assistant Landscape Ecology and Nature

As a technical assistant, you play an important role in supporting research projects within the Landscape Ecology and Nature team. Your duties are varied and include general technical support within the team as well as specific entomological research support within the Species team, focusing in particular on agricultural and pollinator projects. You work in the office, in the laboratory and in the field and you are involved in various projects of both teams.

Your tasks include office, lab and field work, such as flora and vegetation mapping, breeding bird inventory and taking (soil) samples. In addition, you assist with entomological monitoring work and the processing of collected samples. Flexibility, accuracy and team spirit are essential. A great interest in nature research and a broad work experience of at least 6 years is a must.
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Researcher aquatic environment

Are you passionate about exploring aquatic environments? Do you want to contribute to the understanding of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and the impact of management measures on the ecological status of estuaries and major rivers? Then this vacancy is for you!

As a researcher in the Estuaries team, you will join a dynamic and multidisciplinary research team that focuses on exploring and understanding complex aquatic ecosystems. Your role is crucial in conducting (applied) scientific research, collaborating with expert colleagues to gain relevant insights and offer them to policy makers and administrators.

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We are looking for someone who is enthusiastically committed to ornithological research in the Species Diversity team.

You participate in various monitoring and research projects, in European reporting obligations and you publish on trends in the Flemish bird population. You are also responsible for providing advice and representing Flanders in Belgian and European (research and policy) networks. You prepare scientific publications, analyze data and publish open datasets. You are also responsible for the BBV project (Bijzondere Broedvogels Vlaanderen), in which you motivate volunteers in collaboration with Natuurpunt Studie and enable smooth data capture in a database to be further developed. Finally, you are expected to develop and coordinate new initiatives and projects that can explain current trends in bird populations.
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