Trabaja con drones y GIS en un paradisíaco archipiélago del Pacífico ~

21 de septiembre de 2023

Trabaja con drones y GIS en un paradisíaco archipiélago del Pacífico

Coral Reef Research Foundation in Palau is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated marine scientist/geographer with strong GIS skills to fulfill a multifaceted role, contributing to marine habitat/bathymetric mapping using airborne LiDAR, multibeam sonar and other advanced imaging methods in Palau.

Job Title:  Marine Habitat Mapping Researcher
Location:  Coral Reef Research Foundation, Palau (western Pacific)
*Program Details:* CRRF is a non-governmental organization incorporated
in the U.S. and Republic of Palau dedicated to research and education on
coral reefs and other tropical marine environments, and has been doing
coastal and offshore oceanographic research in Palau since 1994.  Over
the past 4 years CRRF has conducted bathymetric surveys to map the
entirety of Palau’s outer reef slopes and inner lagoons from 0 – 8000 m
water depth. The next phase of this project is the development of a
habitat map for the entirety of Palau’s marine ecosystems and deployment
of drone systems for the collection of LiDAR data. Refinement of the
present bathymetry/topographic database and mapping is also an important
component of the work. The successful applicant will be based in the
Republic of Palau; all nationalities are welcome to apply. *

**Essential Duties:*

* Participate in the development of marine habitat map products through
traditional and innovative methods, including the development of other
mapping products when required.
* Conduct field work to conduct habitat baseline assessments.
* Assist in the flight operations and maintenance of heavy lift (5 kg)
aerial drones.
* Co-author maps, reports and publications, and disseminate public
information of research results to the scientific and general community.

*Qualification Requirements:*
* MSc or equivalent experience in marine science or related field.
* Expertise with ESRI products, including ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online,
* Knowledge of tropical Pacific marine ecosystems.
* Familiarity with marine mapping including coordinate transformations
and survey methods.
* Experienced scuba diver (minimum Advanced/Rescue).
* Experience operating heavy lift drones.
* Strong organizational skills.
* Experience with managing large data sets and producing reports and
* Ability to operate with minimal supervision.
* Strong troubleshooting and problem solving capabilities.
* Comfortable and physically fit enough to take part in long days in the

*Additional Preferred Qualifications: *
* FAA Part 107 drone license
* MATLAB, image processing, and machine learning
* Habitat Remote sensing
* PhD in marine science or related field
**Period of Hire:*  One - two year contract
Salary Range: Salary negotiable, depending on experience and
Position reporting to:  Dr. Patrick Colin, Director of CRRF, Project
Principal Investigator
**To Apply:*  Applicants should submit a resumé, including
names/contacts of three references, and cover letter by email to

*Job Details *can be found at

CRRF and Project Information:  Further information on the Coral Reef
Research Foundation can be found at

This project is funded by the US Dept. of Interior, Office of Insular
Affairs program: Coral Reef Natural Resources/Invasive Species.

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