Prácticas remuneradas en remoto estudiando conservación de bosques ~

6 de octubre de 2023

Prácticas remuneradas en remoto estudiando conservación de bosques

Part-time Research Fellowship - Global trends in forest biomass loss and potential interventions

Employer: ForestGEO

Fellowship Opportunity: ForestGEO Part-time Research Fellowship

Location: Fully remote. Fellows will collaborate virtually with ForestGEO researchers located at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and Front Royal, VA.

Duration: Part-time for three to six months, ideally beginning in November 2023. We can offer a maximum of 3 months in a single calendar year, meaning that fellows can work 3 months in 2024 and up to 3 in 2023, depending upon start date.

Qualifications and eligibility: Early career forest conservationists, social-ecological researchers, and forest ecologists who hold a master’s or PhD and are enthusiastic to participate in scholarly research regarding forest biomass losses and potential interventions to reduce losses and thereby mitigate climate change. Fellowships are restricted to applicants based in– and with deep knowledge of forests and forest conservation efforts in – one of four regions: (1) tropical Asia, (2) Africa, (3) South America, and (4) Central America & the Caribbean. We anticipate selecting 3-4 fellows, each representing one of these regions. Applicants should have broad knowledge of physical, biological, and socioenvironmental drivers of forest biomass losses within their region, as well as conservation, socioeconomic, and/or political efforts to reduce these losses. Fellowships are intended to completement (and financially supplement) the fellow’s current studies (e.g., graduate degree program) or work (e.g., conservation work), and priority will be given to individuals whose current position closely aligns with the goals of the fellowship. Fluency reading, writing, and speaking English are required. Individuals from the target regions who are currently studying elsewhere are welcome to apply, but precedence will be given to individuals currently living in the tropics.

Description: Fellows will work closely with a research team led by ForestGEO scientists, including Daniel Zuleta, Luca Morreale, and Kristina Anderson-Teixeira, to help conduct a global review of forest biomass loss drivers and possible human interventions that may serve as effective climate change mitigation strategies. Fellows will review literature on drivers of and interventions to forest loss and tree mortality, synthesize findings, and participate as co-authors on a high-profile review paper. Fellows will also contribute to building collaborations with an international team of experts including forest ecologists, social scientists, local practitioners and community leaders. Fellows will elicit and incorporate feedback from this network on potential intervention strategies.

Hours and financial compensation: Our target is for fellows to work 2 days/week. We expect to offer $1600/mo for fellows with a PhD and $1200/mo for fellows with a master’s degree. We recognize that individual circumstances vary widely and are open to discussing hours and financial compensation with our top candidates.

Application: Applicants should send a CV and a short (1-2 paragraph) description of interest to Luca Morreale ( Please indicate how the fellowship would complement your current position in your description of interest. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until positions are filled, or Nov. 1, 2023 at the latest.

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