Call for early-career group leader in Animal Behaviour in France ~

7 de marzo de 2024

Call for early-career group leader in Animal Behaviour in France

 The Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI), Toulouse, France is seeking a Group leader in Neuroscience and/or Animal Behaviour to join the Research Centre on Animal Cognition (CRCA), one of the three research Departments of the CBI, and an internationally renowned research centre: Deadline for application, May, 14th, 2024

The CBI is seeking an outstanding new group leader addressing fundamental questions within the spectrum of the CRCA research fields, such as experience-dependent plasticity of neural circuits and/or
behaviour, mechanisms underlying cognitive processes, mechanisms of individual or collective behaviour, behavioural ecology. These topics may be addressed at different levels (molecular, cellular, networks, individual, group), using a variety of approaches: genetics, imaging or electrophysiology in or ex vivo, computational modelling, automatic tracking, comparative biology, and field studies. Proposals addressing aspects such as the impact of exposome (i.e., environmental exposure and/or lifestyle) on neural systems and behaviour, and/or determinants of interindividual behavioural variability will receive particular attention. Women are particularly encouraged to apply. Please see the document attached for more information and modalities.

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