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21 de abril de 2024

Oferta de doctorado en Noruega estudiando aves


 Oferta compartida por: Malena

PhD Research Fellow in terrestrial ecology.

There is a vacancy for a PhD Research Fellow position in terrestrial ecology at the Department of Biological Sciences (BIO), University of Bergen. The position is for a fixed-term period of 3 years with the possibility of a 4 th year with compulsory other work (e.g. teaching duties at the Department) and is associated with the Ecological and Environmental Change research group. The position is funded by the University of Bergen.

About the project/work tasks:

In current attempts to understand how environmental change affects ecosystems, the focus is often on species abundances and distributions (range limits), while species interaction data remain sporadic. Meanwhile, recent long-term studies show that the strength of interactions may also be changing within species ranges regardless of predicted range shifts. It is important to establish the extent of such “invisible” change within ecosystems, because ultimately the functioning and stability of a species (or network of species) depends on the strengths of its interactions more than on its presence or absence.

The focus here is on terrestrial ecosystems and particularly temperate forests. The candidate will use hole-nesting birds and their trophic interactions along an urbanisation gradient to study the combined effects of habitat degradation and climatic factors on species interactions. The candidate is expected to develop their research empirically through the monitoring of hole-nesting birds in local nestbox populations and the use of data collected in the past decade. Some of these questions may also be addressed at a broader scale through international collaborations.

The candidate will be based at the University of Bergen, with the possibility of short stays abroad for the purposes of collaboration.

Qualifications and personal qualities:

  • Applicants must hold a master's degree or equivalent education in Ecology and Evolution or must have submitted their master's thesis for assessment prior to the application deadline. It is a condition of employment that the master's degree has been awarded.
  • Experience with handling and measuring small passerine birds is a requirement.
  • Good statistical skills and familiarity with R programming is required.
  • Experience with the monitoring of breeding birds in nestbox populations throughout at least one entire breeding season is a clear advantage.
  • A documented interest for fieldwork involving wild birds in Scandinavian weather is a clear advantage.
  • Familiarity with spatial data analysis in R (GIS) is also an advantage.
  • Applicants must be able to work independently and in a structured manner and demonstrate good collaborative skills.
  • Applicants must be proficient in both written and oral English.

Personal and relational qualities will be emphasized. Ambitions and potential will also count when evaluating the candidates.

Special requirements for the position

The University of Bergen is subjected to the regulation for export control system. The regulation will be applied in the processing of the applications.

We can offer:

  • A good and professionally stimulating working environment.
  • Salary as PhD research fellow (code 1017) in the state salary scale. This constitutes a gross annual salary of NOK 532 200 (equivalent to pay grade 54). Further increases in salary are made according to length of service in the position. 
  • Enrolment in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • Good welfare benefits.


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