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5 de julio de 2024

Oferta de trabajo como guía de naturaleza y biología aplicada en esta reserva de Panamá

 Importante: Esta oferta sólo es accesible para panameños o residentes legales en Panamá

Boquete Bees and Butterflies is dedicated to the conservation and education of our local bee and butterfly populations. We offer unique tours that explore the fascinating world of Native Stingless Bees, highlight the importance of Africanized Bees, and showcase Butterflies, along with the diverse flora and fauna of our farm. Our mission is to spread awareness about the significance of these species while providing an engaging and informative experience for our visitors.

Job Description:

We are urgently seeking a passionate knowledgeable, nature-loving individual to join our team as a Tour Guide & Applied Biologist. This is a multifaceted role that combines hands-on biological work with educational and customer service responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities:

- Tour Development and Guiding:

- Lead and continuously improve our educational tours year-round.

- Explain the biology, ecology, and importance of bees, butterflies, and our farm's flora and fauna.

- Update and upgrade tour materials to ensure accuracy and engagement.

- Biological Maintenance:

- Care for native bees, maintain trails, manage hives, and oversee other biological aspects of the farm.

- Perform outdoor tasks, even in challenging weather conditions.

- Customer Interaction and Sales:

- Attend to customers in our Honey Shop, explaining and selling various types of honey.

- Handle sales transactions for honey and tours.

- Administrative Tasks:

- Utilize IT and media skills to enhance our online presence and attract visitors.

- Process and reserve tours efficiently.

- Develop and manage advertising materials for tours.


- Strong background or interest in biology, ecology, wildlife, or related fields.

- Practical experience in outdoor, hands-on biological work.

- Ability to work in various weather conditions and perform physical tasks.

- Fluency in both English and Spanish.

- IT and media skills are highly desirable for advertising and updating tour materials.

- Excellent communication and customer service skills.

- Commitment to working weekends and holidays.

- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

What We Offer:

- An opportunity to work in a unique and beautiful environment.

- Training on the biology and ecology of our bees and butterflies.

- A dynamic role that combines science, education, and customer service.

- A chance to make a meaningful impact on conservation and public awareness.

How to Apply:

If you are passionate about nature and eager to share your knowledge with others, we would love to hear from you. Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you are interested in this position to samantha@natureboquete.com

Join us at Boquete Bees and Butterflies and be a part of our mission to educate and inspire others about the wonders of nature!

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