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11 de julio de 2024

Voluntariado de conservación de hienas en Tanzania (GIS/R/Cámaras trampa)

Nota de Fernando: Busca financiación adicional, un año es mucho tiempo.

UNITED TANSANIA / Hyena Conservation in Tanzania

UNITED TANSANIA e.V. is a non-profit organization headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Dedicated to hyena conservation, they operate a research camp in Endamaghan, Lake Eyasi, situated within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Led by a veterinarian, their team includes local experts like trackers and a camp manager.

Promoting Human-Hyena Harmony

Their mission is twofold:• Mitigate Human-Hyena Conflict: They strive to minimize conflict by empowering local communities to peacefully coexist with hyenas.• Feasibility Study on Striped Hyenas: They are aiming to conduct a comprehensive study to understand the status and needs of striped hyena population at Lake Eyasi.

The Challenge

Human-wildlife conflict is a major threat to biodiversity. Factors like expanding settlements, land-use changes, and competition for resources (food, water) can block migratory routes and lead to livestock predation.

The Opportunity

We are recruiting a Field Research Assistant to join our dedicated team! This is an excellent opportunity for a passionate individual seeking hands-on experience in a stunning location. You will work alongside team members from the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes.


• Utilize GIS software for conservation projects• Deploy and collect data from trail cameras and GPS devices• Proficiency in ArcGIS is required, R experience (would be a plus) / CamTrapR would be a plus


• Degree (MSc preferable) in a related field (conservation, biology, ecology) preferred• Experience working with GIS for conservation purposes• Comfortable living in a rural camp with solar and satellite internet

Location: Hyena Research Camp, Endamaghan at Lake Eyasi, Karatu District, Northern Tanzania

Conditions: START: The placements can be filled immediately

Duration: Min. 1 year

UNPAID/ COMPENSATION: The NGO provides accommodation, food, internet, Work & Residency permit can be obtained when the candidate is a fit.

To Apply: Please send your cover letter and CV to unitedtansania@gmail.com

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