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25 de junio de 2004

Ph.D. Position

We are looking for a Ph.D. student (Doktorand/in) for our research project on the molecular mechanisms of complementary sex determination. The project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Our lab (Dr. Martin Beye) is part of the Institute of Zoology at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg.


Genetic, molecular and cellular characterization of the csd gene. CSD is the initial signal of sexual regulation in a number of insects. Sexual differentiation is governed by allelic composition and not by the presence of sex specific chromosomes. We have isolated the gene by positional cloning in the honey bee. The aim of the Ph.D. project is to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which the gene is activated. The research project include the molecular dissection of allelic specificity and recognition. These approaches will give new insights of how sex is regulated in these organisms and how this relates to other sex-determining mechanisms e.g. in Drosophila. This research project is part of our major goal to understand principles of molecular decision making, the process of molecular adaptation and the diversification of regulative hierarchies.


You will use genetic, cell and molecular biological techniques that are well established in our lab, such as DNA cloning, genotyping, sequence analysis and statistics, cell culture and transfection of insect cells, RNAinterference, immunofluorescence, Western and Northern blot analysis.

We offer you:

A clearly structured, innovative project in basic genetics and developmental biology research, good training in the lab techniques, sequence and statistical analysis as well as a close interaction with several other research labs, national and international. Molecular biology and genetics in honey bees is a new and fast evolving field with the opportunity to establish various research fields. The upcoming completed honey bee genome sequence will be a splendid tool to address various fundamental biological questions.

You should have a masters degree (Diplom) in biology, biochemistry or an equivalent field and should already have a basic training in DNA-cloning, sequence analysis, cell culture or Western blot analysis (for example during your masters thesis/Diplomarbeit). Applicants should have good writing and speaking skills in English. Starting time: as soon as possible

Salary: Ph.D. position (Doktorandenstelle BAT IIa/2)

An application should include a cover letter explaining the particular interest in the field, CV, copies of academic certificate, one page summary of the Diploma work and addresses from two references.

Please send your application exclusively by email to:

Dr. Martin Beye
Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle/Wittenberg
Inst Zoologie, Raum 2.21
Biozentrum, Weinbergweg 22, 06120 Halle, GERMANY
phone ++49 345 55 21627 or 21631; FAX ++49 345 55 27230

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