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11 de junio de 2004

Voluntariado con Delfines

The Marlborough Sounds Dolphin Project (MSDP) request for volunteers.
> The MSDP is designed to look at the abundance, distribution and
> behavior ecology of bottlenose dolphins in the Marlborough Sounds. The
> Marlborough
> are located at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. Boat based
> will be conducted in this area for three field seasons. Below is a
> list of
> field seasons and their dates.
> 1st Oct. 1st 2004 through December 2004
> 2nd Jan 1st 2005 through March 2005
> 3rd April 1st 2005 through June 2005
> I am looking for volunteers who can commit for any of the 3 month
> terms.
> you can come for longer that is great.
> Though the weather will be warm it is very unpredictable and you will
> need
> wide range of clothing. So be sure to bring shorts and t-shirts, a
> winter jacket, hat and gloves. Housing and is available and rent is
> 500 NZ a
month. In
> addition you will need to have enough money for your travel and food
> This project will give its volunteers knowledge of field based
> studies,
> collection, photo-id and maneuvering a 6.0m boat around cetaceans.
> There
> also a possibility for underwater videography, this is only for
> applicants
> PADI certifications. Please submit a CV and letter of recommendation
> by
> 15th 2004 via email to swtmojo13@aol.com.
> Upon receiving your CV, I will be contacting applicants for a phone
> interview. We can discuss specifics on the area, weather and other
> things
in more
> etail at that time.
> Regards,
> Monika Merriman
> M.Sc. Student
> Coastal Marine Research Group
> Massey University
> Marlborough Sounds Dolphin Project
> P.O. Box 68
> Picton, New Zealand
> cell: 064 21 424 831

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