22 de julio de 2004


We need 4 easy going, experienced, capable and enthusiastic people to help us work on the conservation biology of the endangered Gouldian Finch, Erythrura gouldiae. The study site is located in the Kimberley at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kimberley is a rugged, remote and beautiful part of north-west Western Australia. The project is being run by an Australian NGO called the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (see

There are four positions available. They involve bird trapping, color-banding, radio-tracking, population censusing, and field observations. Two of the positions will run from early Sep 2004 to late Feb 2005, and the other two will be of shorter duration from early Sep 2004 to late Nov 2004. Preference will be given to people who can stay for at least 2 months. For all positions there is a 2 week probation period. The stipend for each position is $1100 per month (Aussie dollars). We will provide transport between Mornington and Broome at the start and end of the work period (provided you stay for 2 months). Accommodation is a basic, but comfortable bush camp with tents and a camp kitchen. The following qualities and experience are essential: mist netting and bird banding skills (or the ability to rapidly acquire); excellent bird observation skills; the desire to work in remote locations often in difficult conditions (extreme heat and wet); the ability to work independently and in a group under the direction of the Managers of Research and Conservation, and; a good sense of humor and initiative. Please send your CV to Include the contact details of two referees.

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