22 de julio de 2004


...are needed now through the end of the fall season (flexible starting dates) at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Santa Ana NWR is located in extreme south Texas on the border with Mexico in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, approximately 1 hour from Brownsville/South Padre Island. Santa Ana NWR and other associated Refuges in the South Texas Refuge Complex protect subtropical flora and fauna, including 4 species of wild cats, 300+ species of butterflies and 400+ species of birds. Duties will focus on: control of invasive and exotic plants; wetland and forest management; butterfly garden installation and maintenance; native plant propagation; assisting with visitor services; maintenance of Refuge trails, facilities and vehicles; and data entry. Interns receive up $12/ work day and free housing and laundry on the Refuge. Personal transportation is desirable, but transportation to town for groceries, etc. can be arranged for those who lack their own means of travel. Sorry, but we can only accept applications from U.S. citizens. Please contact TY BENALLY (PH: 956-784-7542 , EM:

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