7 de septiembre de 2004


Needed from Dec to Apr for an ongoing study of
the social and reproductive dynamics of a lek breeding bird (Pipra
filicauda) in Amazonian Ecuador. The project examines costs and benefits
for cooperative male manakins in the context of a lek mating system. The
study site is Tiputini Biodiversity Station (URL:
http://www.usfq.edu.ec/1TIPUTINI/), located along the Tiputini River in
the Orellana Province of eastern Ecuador. This 650 ha biological station
is located ~200 m above sea level and is adjacent to Yasuní National
Park and within the greater Yasuní Biosphere Reserve. The area is
lowland rainforest and is extremely diverse in both avian and mammalian
fauna. Volunteer duties will include mist-netting, banding and color
banding, nest searching, radio telemetry, and behavioral observations.
Volunteers must be in good physical shape and able to endure long days
in an extremely humid and buggy environment. Likewise volunteers must be
self disciplined, responsible, have good directional skills, be able to
get along with others and capable of working independently. Working
knowledge of Spanish is a plus but not essential. Preference will be
given to those applicants with experience however unskilled volunteers
will also be considered. Volunteers will be expected to stay for a two
month minimum and will be required to cover their transport to Ecuador
as well as their living expenses while present ~ 30$/day. Some
defrayment of costs may be available to well qualified candidates. To
apply please send resume, dates of availability, emails for three
references and a letter of interest to BRANDT RYDER, Dept. of Biology,
University of Missouri-St. Louis, 8001 Natural Bridge Rd., St. Louis, MO
63121 (EM: Pipridae@umsl.ed). For electronic application send in body of
email please no attachments. For more information (URL:

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