Field assistant needed: Nitrogen Fixation ~

12 de septiembre de 2004

Field assistant needed: Nitrogen Fixation

I am looking for a field assistant for a study of nitrogen fixation by legumes in tropical forests. I need help for roughly 6-8 weeks from mid-October to mid-December 2004 (dates flexible) on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Anyone interested in plants or soil/environmental chemistry is welcome to apply. Responsibilities will include hiking to retrieve samples, sample collection (some digging, some sitting) and processing of samples back in the lab on the island. Some background in ecology and chemistry preferred. Tolerance for rain, dirt, insects and beautiful forests required. I’m still waiting on funding but hope to be able to pay housing and travel expenses. Barro Colorado Island is a fantastic place to work and you would be welcome to use your (albeit very limited) free time to help out people studying epiphytes, fig wasps, army ants, frog-eating bats, spotted antbirds, ocelots...(you get the idea). Please check out for a quick blurb and contact
me at if you are interested. (Note: I will also have
positions for February to March and Summer 2005)
Alex Barron
Princeton University

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