22 de septiembre de 2004


- Ph.D. Quantitative Predation Ecology and
Northern Bobwhites. A Ph.D. student sought to complete field-work on a
7-year experiment investigating the relationship between meso-mammalian
predator management and northern bobwhites. Data collection will take
place on 4 study areas in southern Georgia and northern Florida in
conjunction with collaborators on the project. This is a joint project
between the University of Georgia and the USDA Wildlife Services, Auburn
University, Tall Timbers Research Station, Inc., and Joseph Jones
Ecological Research Center. Funding for field research is available;
however, we wish to recruit a student who will be competitive for
assistantships at the University of Georgia. Expected enrollment is
Fall 2005. Student will serve as a teaching assistant in 1 class per
year. Must possess a B.S. and M.S. in wildlife, biometrics, or other
natural resources field. We seek a highly motivated student with
excellent quantitative and modeling skills. Student must have >3.4 GPA
and >1200 (Q+V) GRE. Must possess a valid driver's license and be able
to safely operate state vehicles. Assistantship package includes
$16,371 per year, plus waiver of all tuition. Please apply by 1 Oct
2004. Interested students should email a cover letter and resume to DR.

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