22 de septiembre de 2004


I am seeking 1-2 graduate students leading
to an MS degree in biology to conduct thesis research utilizing
color-banded populations of Florida scrub-jays in natural and suburban
habitats in south-central Florida. Students will have an opportunity to
develop a thesis of their own choosing, as long as it integrates with
our long-term and on-going studies. Students would matriculate at the
University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, FL, but spend up to 8 months
each year, from mid-Jan through Jul, in residence at Archbold Biological
Station. While at USF, students are supported through a Teaching
Assistantship, which usually requires a GPA > 3.4 and GRE scores > 1200.
While at Archbold, students are supported in the Avian Ecology Lab by a
Graduate Research Internship, which provides for most or all costs
associated with their research project, provides room and board, and a
$150/wk stipend. While at Archbold, students contribute a minimum of 20
hours/week to data collection for our long-term studies, which typically
include searching for and monitoring nests, conducting surveys for
banded and unbanded scrub-jays, trapping and banding jays, measuring
young, counting acorns and arthropods, etc. The rest of their time is
devoted to developing and collecting data for their thesis research
under my supervision. Graduate students are offered an opportunity for
experience in every aspect of scientific research, from project choice
and experimental design to oral and written presentations. Applicants
should have a very strong interest in birds and in field work, in
behavioral ecology, population biology and/or conservation biology, the
ability to work under hot, humid field conditions, and a strong desire
to engage in independent research. Applicants should be comfortable
with a somewhat atypical graduate experience because they are in
residence at University of South Florida only for the Fall semester of
each year and at Archbold for the rest of the time. Applicants should
send a letter, resume or CV, a summary of courses and grades and their
GRE scores and the names and contact information of three references by
1 Dec, to DR. REED BOWMAN, Archbold Biological Station, P.O. Box 2057,
Lake Placid, FL 33862; (PH: 863-465-2571, FX: 863-699-1927, EM: E-mail applications encouraged. Formal
application must be made to the University of South Florida no later
than 1 Feb 2005 to be eligible for a Teaching Assistantship. Additional
information on our current and past projects and current and past
graduate students can be found at my web site:

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