29 de septiembre de 2004


As part of the new Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research, we are recruiting several Post-Doctoral Researchers to study the processes that maintain ecosystem function in streams and rivers of the East Slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. These individuals will work as part of an interdisciplinary team of aquatic ecologists, hydrologists and modelers at the University of Calgary (Post, McCauley, Jackson, Maier) and University of Lethbridge (Rood, Rasmussen, Hontella, Goater, Hurley). We are interested in individuals with interests in process oriented, field-based empirical and conceptual research who have strong quantitative skills with an interest in working collaboratively on large scale difficult problems. Particular areas of expertise that would be beneficial include:
• coupling individual level behaviour, energetics and hydrodynamics of fishes to population dynamics and food web processes; • developing innovative solutions to habitat and flow requirements of stream and river fishes; • assessment of food web processes and in-stream processing of materials • testing theory regarding the mechanisms that regulate riverine structure and function • modeling food web interactions and dynamics in advective environments • modeling spatial dynamics of populations and predator-prey interactions in structured populations
Please submit a curriculum vitae and statement of research interests to Vicki Litkowski ( at the Water Research Centre. Further information about the opportunities can be obtained from John R. Post (, Lee Jackson ( and Ed McCauley
( in the Division of Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( Terms are two years (one year initial appointment plus one year renewable). Posted September 28, 2004, open till filled.
Funding in the area of Water Ecology has been provided by The Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research which is a collaboration among researchers in Science, Engineering and Social Sciences at Universities of Calgary, Lethbridge and Alberta

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