17 de octubre de 2004


I am faced with a sudden shortage of a field technician for a migration and physiology project I'm working on. The project consists of radiotelemetry of turkey vultures outfitted with GPS units and heart rate loggers. The goal is to explore the relationship between internal energetic expenditure and external energy sources like favorable winds and thermals. The primary responsibilities of the job would be car-based radio-telemetry, which takes place during daylight hours. there is also lots of room for analysis of satellite, field and physiological data using GIS or other tools, although this would necessarily be in evenings, rainy days, or extra days at the end of project. Aside from the tracking responsibilities, the job would be what you make of it. I'm looking for someone to start very soon (1-2 weeks). the project would last through December, at which point it is your choice how you want to get back from wherever you end up and how long you would like to take. We ended up in Florida last year, but there is still a chance that one of our birds will make the longer trip to Chile. The base for the trip is in Pennsylvania at a place called Hawk Mountain, but much of the time will be spent on the road. Pay is $1200/month, and all equipment is provided. If you are interested, please reply to with a phone number and/or a resume, and we could talk about more details. You can also call me at 484-269-2915. The work is hard and requires lots of time in the car. You also must be very comfortable working alone.

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