17 de octubre de 2004


, Vacancy: 28151. Division: NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Salary grd/range: 72 $35,671 - $42,542 Appt type: perm full-time. Closing date: 29 Nov 2004. Location: Wake. Description of work: The curator of birds will work to conduct and publish competent and original research of significance, serve as a principal curator of the bird collection, and provide expertise in bird identification, distribution, and bird biology to other sections of the NC State Museum of Natural Sciences. In addition, this curator will interface with the general public, private and public organizations to provide expertise and guidance with respect to issues involving the state's breeding and resident bird species. This curator will also work with members of the education, exhibits, and external affairs sections of the museum to provide appropriate scientific information. A significant portion of this position will be devoted to the development of exhibits and programs regarding current research on birds, and to development of programs to promote tourism through bird-related activities (bird watching trails, "hotpots" and organized tours) for the State of North Carolina. This curator will enjoy working with the public and will function well in a team setting. Knowledges, skills and abilities: Considerable knowledge of zoology in general and ornithology specifically is required. Considerable knowledge of requirements for scientific research and publications, of the principles and practices of scientific research, and of taxonomic principles is essential. A good working knowledge of materials and equipment used in scientific research; considerable knowledge of the characteristics, behavior, and habitats of species; a detailed knowledge of birds; and a general knowledge of the natural history of North Carolina are required. Ability to solve advanced and complex problems of taxonomic identification; ability to plan, design, and conduct original research in areas of natural science; and ability to compile and record results in accepted scientific formats are required. Also, the ability to converse and present lectures on topics in areas of expertise to professionals and laymen is needed. Good public relations skills are a must. Training and experience required: Possession of a Master's Degree in biology, zoology, or a curriculum related to area of expertise and three years of experience in specialty area; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; Preferred: PHD preferred and knowledge of state government and federal government workings. Applications (PD-107) must be received by the closing date to be considered for employment. For application information, contact RHONDA CLAPP by phone or fax (PH: 919-733-7450, ext 207, FX: 919-715-2614).

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