17 de octubre de 2004


Birdstrike Control Program is seeking a motivated individual to fill a position for Wildlife Control Manager for a military airbase located near Pensacola, Florida. This position requires a polished professional with an education and experience in wildlife management techniques, wildlife ecology, and population data collection. Field experience and knowledge of bird/wildlife behavior are a must. Experience in a broad range of wildlife control techniques, airfield safety protocol, and dog behavior are a plus. Significant field and training requirements and excellent personal skills necessary as well as professional experience in dealing with government permit agencies (USDA, Fish & Game, etc.), strong written, research and verbal skills and a college degree. Candidates must be self-motivated, highly organized, and work independently without direct supervision. Candidates must possess a Masters or Ph.D in a related field or equivalent experience. Starting salary: $35,000 with overtime. Email cover letter, CV, and 3 reference contacts to BCP, (EM: jobapp@bcrescue.org). Our Birdstrike Control Program--It's no mystery how dangerous and costly bird strikes and wildlife encounters are to both commercial and military air traffic. The numbers are alarming - approximately 5,500 bird strikes are reported yearly by commercial and military aircraft in the US and Canada, causing about $500 million in damages. The importance of effective and safe control of wildlife near commercial and military flight facilities is rapidly becoming one of the most important issues facing airport managers. For military airbases, Birdstrike Control Program offers complete wildlife management programs -- including one or more wildlife control officers, one or more trained Border Collie dogs, and all necessary vehicles and additional control equipment. Our wildlife management contracts provide an airbase with all the essential tools for complete wildlife management. Both management personnel and dogs are fully trained by BCP and provide full-time control programs for airbases while remaining staff members of BCP. All of our programs utilize non-lethal control.

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