17 de octubre de 2004


The University of Alaska (Anchorage-Fairbanks-Juneau) invites applications for Post-doctoral Fellowships supported by NSF's Alaska EPSCoR research focus area in Population Genetics of Adaptation to Arctic and Alpine Environments. Faculty in this focus area are using molecular population genetics to investigate adaptation to extreme conditions at high latitudes and elevations (e.g., cold, short growing seasons, low oxygen availability). Bert B. Boyer: obesity and diabetes genetics in Alaska Natives; Serguei V. Drovetsky: population genetics and comparative phylogeography of high latitude and elevation taxa; Pamela Groves: genetic responses to climate change using ancient DNA; George M. Happ: genetic diversity in histocompatibility loci, bacteria, and prions; Thomas G. Marr: serially subtracted cDNA libraries and cloning of rare tissue and environmental transcripts; Kevin G. McCracken: population genetics/phylogeography of waterfowl; adaptive properties of hemoglobins; Link E. Olson: mammalian phylogenetics; phylogeography and body size variation in alpine mammals; Matthew S. Olson: plant adaptation, biogeography, mating systems, speciation, and disease dynamics; Naoki Takebayashi: theoretical population genetics, evolution of self-incompatibility and plant mating-systems; D. Lee Taylor: ecology and molecular evolution of cold-adaptation in high-latitude fungi; Kevin Winker: avian genetics; Diana E. Wolf: plant evolutionary genetics, evolution of reproductive strategies. Fellowships are for two years and will provide annual salaries of $42,000 with excellent benefits and research funds of $24,000. We seek applications from scientists with backgrounds in evolutionary biology, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, or physiology. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate potential for research on the population genetics of adaptation that bridges multiple faculty. Review of applications will begin 3 Dec 2004 and continue until up to four positions are filled. Starting dates are flexible. Faculty research interests and application instructions can be found at We encourage potential applicants to contact relevant faculty members before applying. Alaska EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) is funded by the National Science Foundation, grant number EPS-0346770.

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