Audubon Arkansas Bird Conservation Director Position ~

27 de noviembre de 2004

Audubon Arkansas Bird Conservation Director Position

Please send cover letter, resume, and references, to Audubon Arkansas, 201 East Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201.
For questions, please email
National Audubon Society Position Description
Position Title: Director of Bird Conservation
Location: Audubon Arkansas 201 East Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72201
Department: Audubon Arkansas, Science
Immediate Supervisor: Kenneth L. Smith, State Director
Purpose of the position
The Director of Bird Conservation will have primary responsibility for leading and implementing projects that protect, conserve and restore bird populations and habitats in Arkansas. The position will include statewide responsibility for the Important Bird Areas (IBA) project; coordinate the IBA Technical Committee; assist the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission with development of the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan; implement the prototype Agriculture and Wading Bird Initiative; integrate science-based concerns about birds into Audubon policy initiatives; lead for Audubon citizen-science bird conservation projects and other education and outreach activities in Arkansas. The Director of Bird Conservation will work collaboratively with colleagues in government agencies, academia, and other nongovernmental organizations, including the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, The Nature Conservancy, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
This is not a field research position, per se. Rather, much of the time of a successful director will be coordinating bird conservation activities and collaboration. However, there will be considerable opportunities for time in the field.
The position is full-time; some evening or weekend work may be required. Occasional travel within Arkansas, including to remote areas, and out of state is required.
Salary negotiable; plus good benefits.
Audubon Arkansas has a staff of six full-time professionals, and the position of Director of Bird Conservation will be a critical addition to this team. The successful candidate will understand and support Audubon's mission and desire to contribute to the effectiveness of its program and staff. S(he) will work with the development officer and state director to insure adequate funding for Audubon's bird conservation work in the state.
Please send cover letter, resume, and references, to the above address. For questions, please email .
Essential Functions
Administer and identify IBAs throughout Arkansas.
Develop conservation plans for priority IBAs, starting with areas containing most vulnerable bird species;
Create and support Audubon chapter monitoring teams;
Update the Arkansas ABCI list on a biennial basis and promote awareness and use of the list;
Develop and help implement a statewide citizen-science project focused on birds; and
Work to integrate information and concerns about birds into broader policy projects and campaigns (i.e., national forests management plans, state wildlife conservation plans).
Other Functions
Identify other important needs and opportunities related to conservation of birds throughout their ranges;
Represent Audubon within the ornithological and bird conservation communities, such as Partners In Flight;
Build partnerships with government agencies, industry, land owners, and others to advance bird conservation;
Encourage Audubon chapters and others to engage in citizen-science, conservation, and education projects related to birds;
Serve as Audubon Arkansas' primary public contact in regard to birds and their status;
Help educate the public about birds and bird conservation;
Identify funding opportunities and assist with development activities to support bird conservation efforts and Audubon Arkansas; and
Serve as liaison to the National Audubon Society science division and counterparts in other state offices.
Kenneth L. Smith, State Director
Bill Shepherd, IBA Technical Committee Chairman
Stephanie Hymel, Office Manager
Ellen Fennell, Development Director
Mary Smith, Education Director
Ornithologists, ecologists and other science and natural resources staff in government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, universities, and industry; Audubon chapters and members and the general public; and the National Audubon Society science division and counterparts in other state offices.
Must be able to effectively operate computers (PC), printers, and related software (including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint); other standard office equipment; slide and computer projectors; and an automobile. Must also be able to use binoculars, spotting scope, digital camera, and other equipment (e.g., camping) necessary for excursions and study in the field.
Master's or Ph.D. degree in biology, zoology, or a related field. Knowledge, interest, vision, and experience in ornithology and bird conservation are required. Ability to identify birds in the field is essential, as are enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge of and concern about birds with others. Experience in organizing and working with volunteers is preferred.
Public speaking, computer, and writing skills are essential. Strong interpersonal, social skills. Should be out-going and easily able to engage people in conversation in person or by telephone.
Physical Requirements: (e.g., lifting, reaching, climb, push/pull, etc.)
Routine reaching and lifting. Must be able and prepared to lead hikes and possibly spend time in remote field situations (e.g., conservation assessments, donor outings and trips). Occasional travel by boats or in small planes is likely.

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