Ecologist GS-0408-11 ($50,541 per year) ~

30 de enero de 2005

Ecologist GS-0408-11 ($50,541 per year)

The USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station's Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (, headquartered in Ogden, UT, will be filling the following post-doc or term position:
Forest Change Specialist
The Forest Change Specialist will join a team of scientists from the Forest Service, NASA, and University of Maryland who are working on characterizing forest disturbance and regrowth in North America in support of the North American Carbon Program. This individual will develop applications of Landsat-based change detection to support the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA) in the United States.
The Forest Change Specialist will conduct literature reviews and numerous interviews to assess the state of forest disturbance monitoring at forest, regional, and national scales. Based on results from this assessment, this individual will develop prototype image classification methods and other analyses to be performed on historic Landsat scenes in diverse forest conditions throughout the United States. Prototypes will be developed in collaboration with scientists in each of the five Regional FIA Programs (Interior West FIA in Ogden UT; North Central FIA in Minneapolis, MN; Northeast FIA in Newtown Square, PA; Southern FIA in Knoxville, TN; and the Pacific Northwest FIA in Portland, OR). The Forest Change Specialist will prepare peer-reviewed papers and present results at scientific meetings and to forest inventory specialists cross the country.
This position requires knowledge of forest ecology principles and monitoring methods applicable to varied and complex projects that may include diverse forest conditions, and varying disturbance processes. The position also requires advanced knowledge in applied statistics, GIS and remote sensing. The position requires strong communication skills, willingness to travel for short durations, and the ability to work collaboratively in diverse teams. This is a two-year appointment with possible extension to four years.
If you would enjoy working as part of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, we encourage you to express your interest by sending your curriculum vitae or resume to Gretchen Moisen (contact information
below) by February 11, 2005. (Response to this outreach notice will determine the area of consideration and recruitment method, so your response is important).
Contact: Gretchen Moisen
USDA Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Research Station
507 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 625-5384

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